ColourPop’s Dream Baby Dream collection review with swatches

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  • Manufacturer: ColourPop
  • Availability: available beginning November 2018 through the webstore
  • Description: six lip colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$36.00
  • Would you purchase again: yes
All of the entries for the year 2020 were completed before March 2020. Most items were bought in, or before, 2019. And so, despite the pandemic where buying makeup is definitely a lower priority, I'm still publishing these posts.
ColourPop’s Dream Baby Dream collection

I didn’t buy this lippie kit when it came out. I wasn’t interested in the two warmer shades, Dream Date and At Twilight. All four of the shades that I did eventually get, apply nicely and perform about the same as any other color in the Lippie Stix lineup.

My favorites are Happy Thoughts - because apparently I cannot resist a mauve - and Infinite Best - because I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable wearing darker lip colors. Infinite Best is the least-good performer, though. It’s a little less smooth of an application, and because it’s a richer shade it fades more visibly more quickly than medium or lighter shades.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

ColourPop’s Dream Baby Dream collection

This collection contains:

  • Are You Surreal
  • At Twilight
  • Dream Date
  • Happy Thoughts
  • Infinite Best
  • Sky Walking

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