Coming Soon! BBAC 2015

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Year five of this event! (There are only two years during my beauty-blogging tenure that I haven't done this - because I launched the first BBAC in 2011.) Along the way I've tried running various things to help other beauty bloggers interact in ways other than posting link-lists to their site. Since this is BBAC's fifth consecutive year, this one seems to be the most successful…other than it being held in December when lots of sites are either holiday-post-filled and schedule-stuffed, or when they're taking mini-sabbaticals.

Coming Soon! BBAC 2015

December is a good month to reflect on the past year, plan ahead for the year to come, and just…kind of take inventory. Your favorite new products, or new tricks you learned. That neat community you stumbled onto. The grand plans you had this time last year (did any of them make it to the ‘implementation' stage? Only about half of mine did. But, hey, that's half!) December is a little like the last month before you start a new school year: mentally running around trying to make sure everything's ready to go, while also dealing with making sure you finished off your summer to-do checklist.

Going in alphabetical order by blog name, in our own words, here are this year's participants:

Fueled by MakeupCassie, of Fueled by Makeup

I'm a woman in her late 20s who loves all things beauty. I have wonderfully colorful hair and a personality to match. On my blog, I focus on reviewing drugstore to mid-range items, as well as subscription boxes here and there. I started my blog because I felt it difficult to find swatches and reviews that matched my skintone and undertones. I was always taught that if you want something that's not out there, do it yourself, so that's what I've done! I'm most active on my Instagram and try to update daily with looks I've tried out or things I'm in the process of reviewing.

Site link || Social Media: Most active on Instagram: @fueledbymakeup

KatyroleighKaleigh, of Katyroleigh

My name is Kaleigh. I am proficient in giving wonderful advice while simultaneously walking on my hands, passing out in front of the TV, being impatient, quoting Forrest Gump at opportune moments, and exasperating my boyfriend “I love Lucy” style. I love reading, making things, watching jeopardy, anything spooky, perusing Sephora, watching gymnastics on YouTube, and dancing like a moron in the car for the sole purpose of making people in other cars laugh.

My blog is about makeup; mainly tutorials, reviews, and photos of makeup I've done. I feel like I have a unique way of explaining techniques that sets me apart from other beauty bloggers. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Site link || Social Media: Most active on Instagram: @katyroleigh

Palettes n FerrulesKissel, of Palettes n Ferrules

Palettes and Ferrules was created with the intention of filling my spare time with some sort of productive outlet for myself. The things you read here are mostly about things that interest me and perhaps some of you out there. I love shopping for makeup products – especially eyeshadow palettes and makeup brushes – thus the name of my blog. I personally love collecting affordable but good-quality brushes, so if that's your cup of tea, you will find several reviews of those here.

Visit from time to time to read about my new discoveries as well as the products that didn't make the cut in my book. Have fun reading!

Site link || Social Media: Most active on Facebook: Palettes n Ferrules

Right Side 40Danielle, of Right Side 40

From the About page: In September 2009, I started blogging to chronicle my journey to finding my own sense of personal style. At 36, I found myself in a bit of a style rut…not quite young enough to follow the same style of my 20’s but not quite old enough to wear the mature fashions that books and magazines dictated I hide myself in. Along the way, I discovered new loves (natural hair) and uncovered some old ones (simple makeup). I’m building my style from the perspective of a mature, professional woman who’s also still young at heart. Turning 30 (or 40) doesn’t mean giving up looking good. If anything, I find myself more comfortable in myself and want to express that through my style.

Site link || Social Media: Most active on ...don't know, actually.

Sparklecrack CentralLiAnn, of Sparklecrack Central

When I made my latest plunge into makeup, I started accumulating things at a pretty fair clip. Along the way, I began to find dupes and near-dupes among indie mineral makeup vendors, for high-end and prestige colors. Why not share this with everyone, I thought. This also gives me a reason to curate everything that I activity I find very soothing. Thus was born this latest obsession! (This isn't my longest-lived/longest-continuous-use site and URL...but give it another 2 years, and it will be.)

Site link || Social Media: Most active on Twitter: @sparklecrackHQ

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