Concrete Minerals’ Color Stacks review

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  • Manufacturer: Concrete Minerals
  • Availability: beginning winter 2011 through the webstore
  • Contains: 3 stacks each containing 7 eyeshadows
  • Cost/Amount: USD$4939.99 per stack
  • Would you purchase again: yes - at the lowered price, and if I didn't already own all but three of the colors
Concrete Minerals’ Color Stacks

Three sets, all with seven pre-existing CM colors, so if you already have a large-ish CM collection, these might not be such a great deal. However, if you’re looking to make a gift to someone, or if someone is just getting started with CM, they can be nice. (You also don’t save any money buying these stackers, than if you bought the individual colors by themselves. About the only place you might save money is if you bought the colors over multiple orders - and would thus pay more for shipping.) NOTE: as of today, January 22 2012, this kit is on sale for $9 less. So *now* you would be saving money if you purchased these. Embarrassingly enough, there are only three colors out of the 21 listed below, that I don’t already own. (There are a few that I own, but haven’t swatched as of January 2012.)

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Concrete Minerals’ Color Stacks

There are three stacks:

Blackest Black

  • Black Metal — silvered black sparkle
  • Ether — dark pewter sparkle
  • Kinky — deep midnight-blue shimmer
  • Nocturne — dark cool forest-green shimmer
  • Sabotage — black with pink sparkle
  • Seance — medium-deep violet shimmer
  • Souljourner — medium-deep lapis blue shimmer

Rainbow Bright

  • Bang-Up — bright cerulean shimmer
  • Brat — medium-deep hot pink shimmer
  • Hearts — deep dark red shimmer
  • Juvenile — neon yellow shimmer
  • Napalm — medium-dark pumpkin shimmer
  • Unity — bright indigo-purple with gold sparkle
  • Zealous — medium aqua-blue shimmer


  • Blitzkrieg — bronzed brown shimmer
  • Deviant — cool medium-deep brown shimmer
  • Doe-Eyed — blackened brown pearl
  • Lolita — metallic silvered taupe shimmer
  • Revolver — metallic chocolate brown shimmer
  • Smut — dusty bronzed purple shimmer
  • Troublemaker — medium-light gilded brown shimmer

In case you've been following Concrete Minerals for some time, and are wondering if you're going insane...yes, there used to be a six-piece set called Nudie Pie. I don't know exactly when this collection was removed from the shop, but I'm betting it was removed because these stackers were to be released, and CM wanted to re-use the name and slightly reconfigure the set. There also used to be a six-piece Peacock collection - Vegas, Juvenile, Bang-Up, Zealous, Unity, Brat - which was apparently replaced by the Rainbow Brite stack. The Peacock collection was in the shop as recently as December 8, 2011. (Google Cache is my buddy!)

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