Day Two: Yes, I’m Awake

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Day Two: Yes, I’m Awake

Day Two of my challenge, and all is well. Got up, got dressed, got coffee, put on makeup...and still had a problem with blinking eyes and smearing mascara. I had to use makeup remover on my right lid - you can see the blank spot. But I'm too lethargic to do it all over again right now, so...ebbeh. I am trying hard to use up my browns, especially my Simply Naturals colors, because I suspect that as the challenge goes along I may have days where I'll lose steam. On those days, I'll wear my multicolor kits like Sitting Pretty on Fifth, or at least I'll have a wider selection of non-similar colors to use to build a look. (I'm crafty like that.) Part of the One Year Eyecolor Challenge (new colors used: 3)


  • MAC's Soft Ochre paint pot, lash to just above crease
  • Bare Escentuals' Drift, patted dry lash to above crease and brushed upward to brow
  • TSS' Tangy Taffy Twist, dabbed dry on inner eye corner and brushed upward to crease
  • Simply Naturals' Copper, outer crease and brushed slightly outward
  • SuperWear Gel Liner in Midnight Opal (I love this color...), upper lash line (and smudged on outer lower lash line)
  • Bare Escentuals' Flawless Lash mascara, upper lashes (and lightly on lower lashes)
  • ...and then use makeup remover on right eyelid to take up the mascara that smudged when you had Decaffeinated-Morning-Blinkitis

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