The One-Year Eyecolor Challenge

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The One-Year Eyecolor Challenge

The Challenge

Over the course of 365 days, use each of the eyeshadows in your collection at least one time.
NOTE, 19 July: Since I've increased my collection by 25% since I started this, I'm going to add on an additional 30 days to use all of my colors.

The Guidelines

  • Start date: October 31, 2009
  • End date: October 30, 2010
  • "Eyeshadows in the collection" refers to eyeshadows I already own, or have ordered but not yet received.
  • Eyecolors bought during the course of the year do not apply toward the final count...unless the goal increases as the collection increases.
  • Eyecolor dupes (bought from one wholesaler and resold through multiple companies) only count once. Eyecolor matches or near-similarities - such as TSS' Define Beauty and Aromaleigh v1's Angelique, or Pure Luxe's Miss Understood and TSS' Trophy Wife - count for each separate similar color. I am not counting the matte Rocks! Sonic Eyes colors, nor my frankened colors created using those matte colors and the TKB Interplanetary Traveller micas, as separate colors (because I own the sparkly versions of each color.)
  • Even though multipurpose powders are just that - multipurpose - no product generally sold as a blush or face/body powder will be counted as an "eyecolor" for purposes of this contest.
  • Colors may be used more than once, but all colors must be used at least once.
  • There is no limit to how many colors may be used in a look.

The Colors and The Counter

One Year Eyecolor Challenge Ticker

Once I've used a color I'll strike out its name.

Aromaleigh (275 colors)
Abyss, Adrenochrome, Air and Light, Airy Ethos, Alina, Alyssum, Amaryllis, Amethyst, Angel Bouquet, Angelique, Annysia, Aqua Nightmare, Arielle, Astonish, Aurelie, Aurora, Avalon, Azalea, Badreputation, Baby, Basil, Be Mine, Bellflower, Bette, Bigneonglitter, Blue Skies (from now on), Bluemonday, Blueorchid, Bluespark, Boilingpoint, Brazen and Bitter, Brianna, Brownsugar, Bumblebee, Butterfly, Butterscotch, Calypso, Camellia, Campanula, Candytuft, Cassia, Cat's Pajamas, Cathi's Dream, Catteleya, Celadon, Celeste, Champagne Toast, Chantal, Chickory, Chloe, Circé, Cloud, Colette, Concrete Jungle, Cookie Party, Coppelia, Copen, Cosette, Coriander, Cosmos, Cranked, Cyanide Sorrow, Daddy-o, Damask, Daphne, Dawn, Deathvalley, Destinationunknown, Diamanda, Dirtydeeds, Divine Intervention, Dolphin, Dominion, Downwardspiral, Dragonfly, Dune, Eggnog, Ego, Elegant Reverie, Ella Runciter, Elodie, Elysia, Emerenta, Entangle, Erynne, Everlasting, Fairy, Fake-out, Fanclub, Fawn, Feather Boa, Fervor, Fig, Fiona, First Kiss, Flip Your Lid, Flowersofromance, Flutura's Cloud, Fog, Forget-me-not, Freakshow, Fume, Georgiana, Ginger, Gingerbread, Gilt, Gleam, Goldenrod, Graphite, High Heels, Hitormiss, Heels on Fire, Heron, Hydrangea, In The Mix, Isabella, Isadora, Italian Ice, Iwantcandy, Jade, Jasmine, Jewel, Jigsawfeeling, Jolie, Justlikeheaven, Kareena, Kiki, Kiss, Kookie, Lady Liberty, Ladystardust, Lagoon, Larkspur, Latte, Laughing Muse, Laura, Lazysod, Le Mystere 102, Le Mystere 103, Le Mystere 104, Le Mystere 107, Lillith, Lilypad, Liriope, Lisette, Lisianthus, Livewire, Lola, Longing, Lookinforakiss, Lorelei, Love Note, Lovelorn, Loxy, Luella, Lulu, Lupine, Lush Memoir, Luster, Lychee, Magnolia, Maiden, Mallow, Mandarin, Mania's Locus, Marigold, Marina, Marsh, Mayhem's Trilogy, Meloria, Midnight, Mist, Moonagedaydream, Moonset, Morphing Moon, Moss, Mourning's Whimsy, Mulberry, Myrtha, Naida, Nanette, Neon Lights, Nico, Not So Silent Night, Oberon, Ocean, Oceanrain, Odile, Oleander Vapor, Olivia, Ophelia, Orchid, Orinoco, Oyster, Palmetto, Party Dress, Peach, Peekaboo, Penelope, Perpetual Motion, Persephone, Personalitycrisis, Phlox, Pillow Talk, Pine, Planetearth, Psychocandy, Purple Princess, Pyro, Radioactive, Raisin, Re-gifted, Return to Tiffany's, Rhinestone Housewife, Rockbottom, Ruth-Anne, Sabine, Sage, Sand, Satin Laces, Sea Glass, Sea of Love, Seed Pearl, Serenade, Severina, Shadow Witch, Shadowplay, Shamrock, Shell, Skyscraper, Slowburn, Smokin', Sophie, Sorette, Soul Takes Flight, Spaceoddity, Spark, Spiked Punch, Strawberry Despair, Swank, Sweet Nothings, Taintedlove, Tamarind, Tanaquil, Tapestry, Tarnished Strychnine, Tempted, Thalia Returns, Tide, Train Wreck, Trifle, Trillium, Trixy, Twinkling Lights, Unicorn, Vampira, Velvet Dream, Velvetgoldmine, Verbena, Venus, Verdant Wisp, Viburnum, Violette, Virtue, Vivelerock, Viviane, Wave, What's Shakin'?, Whiteriot, Whitewedding, Window Shopping, Wintergreen, Wish, Wonder, Wonderland, Zinnia

Bare Escentuals (386 colors)
1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, Adventure, Amazing Amanda, Amethyst, Angel, Antique Pearl, Aquamarine, Au Natural, Aurora, Azure, Bahamas, Bali, Banana Smoothie, Bare Skin, Bark, Bauble, Be Grateful, Be Unique, Beach Goddess, Beautiful Autumn, Beautiful Lisa, Beautiful Melodie, Beautiful Susan, Berry Custard, Berry Flambe, Bikini, Bikini Beach, Black Emerald, Black Ice, Black Pearl, Black Ruby, Blaze, Bliss, Bloom, Blue Dream, Blue Mist, Blue Moon, Blush, Blushing Bronze, Bon Bon, Bone, Bordeaux, Brave, Bravo, Brocade, Bronze Leaf, Bubbly, Butterfly, Camp, Captivate, Caramel Delight, Carnival, Cashmere, Cat Woman, Caviar, Celestine, Cerveza, Chameleon, Champagne, Chardonnay, Charleston, Chenille, Cherry Coco Truffle, Chic Diamond, Chicory, Chocolate Fondue, Citrine, Citron, City Lights, Citrus Twist, Clarity, Classic Rock, Clay, Cleopatra, Cocoa, Coconut Palm, Coffee Bean, Cognac Diamond, Congo, Creme de Menthe, Cruisin' Teddi, Cultured Pearl, Cupcake, Dakota, Dare, Dark Chocolate, Daydream, Demure, Denim, Desire, Devotion, Disco, Diva, Dove, Downtown, Dragonfly, Drama, Drift, Dulce de Leche, Eclipse, Ecstacy, Elegance, Ell-if-I-Know, Embrace, Enchanting, Envy, Exotic Laura, Exotic Tara, Exquisite, Faith, Fame, Fantasy, Fantasy Island, Fascination, Fashionista, Faux Mink, Fearless, Finesse, Fire Opal, Firefly, Firelight, Flamenco, Flaunt, Flawless Diamond, Fling, Flirtatious, Foliage, For Real, Freedom, French Navy, Frolic, Fun, Gal Pal, Garland, Giggle, Gigi, Gilded Quartz, Gilded Taupe, Ginger Peach Smoothie, Girlfriend Kathleen, Girlfriend Margo, Girlfriend Michelle, Girlfriend Tina, Glamorista, Gold Leaf, Gold Mine, Golden Earth, Golden Ruby, Good Fortune, Gossip, Grace, Gracious, Graphite, Grass, Green Tea, Heavenly Diamond, Here Kitty, Hero, High Shine Charisma, High Shine Sand Dune, High Style, Hiking Trail, Honey Amber, Hope, Hopscotch, Hot Spot, Hottie, Hugs, Hummingbird, Humor, Hyacinth, Ice Queen, Idol, Imagination, Impression, In The Buff, Intuition, Jade, Java, Jazz, Joeli, Joy, Justice, Key Lime, Kiko, Kindness, Kudos, Legit, Lemon Meringue, Lemon Zinger, Lemonade, Liberty, Lilac Vibe, Lime, Live, Loyalty, Luminous Topaz, Lush Topaz, Lust, Luster, Luxe, Magical, Magnetize, Mai Tai, Mango Smoothie, Marina, Marquise, Masquerade, Meow, Merlot, Mermaid, Metallic Green, Midnight Sky, Mint, Mistletoe, Mod, Mojito, Montana, Morocco, Mystery, Mystic, Myth, Neptune, Nice Rock, Night Owl, Nob Hill, Nouveau, Now, Nude Beach, Nude Chiffon, Nurture, Oasis, Ocean, Olive Mist, Opal, Opera, Organza, Oz, Pacific Heights, Panther, Passion, Patience, Patio Party, Peaceful, Peach Puff, Peacock, Pebble, Petal, Pink Sands, Pinot Noir, Platinum, Playful, Pond, Poppy, Popular, Praise, Precious, Present, Princess, Pure Joy, Pure Spice, Purist, Purrfect, Pussycat, Puzzle, Queen Linda, Queen Marie, Queen Phyllis, Queen Tiffany, Radiant Rebecca, Rapture, Real Deal, Rebel, Red Velvet Cake, Retro, Reveal, Rio, Rock Crystal, Rose Pearl, Sailor, Salsa, Sanctuary, Sand Dollar, Sangria, Saucy, Seashell, Seduction, Serene, Sex Kitten, Shantung, Showers, Silk Rose, Silk Stockings, Sincerely Angela, Sincerely Donna, Sincerely Heather, Sincerely Renee, Skinny Dip, Skyline, Smoked Clay, Smoky Diamond, Smoky Quartz, Smoky Topaz, Snazzy, Snow, Snowflake, Socialite, Soft Black, Soft Focus Dune, Soft Focus Explore, Soft Focus Glamour, Soft Focus Pure, Soft Focus Realize, Soft Focus Savvy, Soft Focus True, Soft Focus Warmth, Soho, Soul, Soul Sister, Spellbound, Spiced Biscotti, Spirited, Spright, Starlet Casey, Starlet Catherine, Starlet Karen, Starlet Leigh Ann, Starlight, Sterling Silver, Stilettos, Stonewashed, Strawberry Mousse, Stunner, Sublime, Sugar Plum, Summer, Sun Goddess, Sundress, Sunshine, Sure Thing, Surprise, Surreal, Suspense, t.l.c., Take Me, Tan Lines, The Big Easy, The Gift, Tiger Lily, Tiger's Eye, Tinsel, Tiramisu, Treasured Terri, Trinity, Trophy Wife, Tropics, True Gold, Trust, Turquoise Sea, Twilight, Vanilla Sugar, Vanity, Venus, Vine, Visualize, Voodoo, Warmth, Water Lily, White Chocolate, White Gold, Wicked, Wild Jungle, Wild Woman Dawn, Wild Woman Debra, Wild Woman Melissa, Wild Woman Sarah, Wildcat, Wildflower, Winter White, Wonder, Yoga, You Can Never Be Too Rich

Everyday Minerals (75 colors)
12:01 AM, All Spice, Baby Bath, Babysitter, Ballet Slippers, Beach Towel, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Bird Bath, Bird House, Bubble Tea, Butterfly Kisses, Cardamom, Chamomile, Champagne, Cherry Fizz, Comfy, Curry, Cypress, Dandelions, Diary, Doheny Estates, Dreaming Dandy, Driftwood, Everlasting Love, First Love, Floating Feathers, Freckles, Funnel Cake, Ginger Peach, Heart2Shop, Homby Hills, Hot Chocolate, I'm Keeping Your CDs, In The Garden, Jane Eyre, Juniper, Laptop, Lip Lock, Little Black Dress, Live Austin Live, Love Stories, Marvel Denim Universe, Monsoon, Mystic Night, Net Surfing, Nutmeg, Oasis, On The Phone, Plane View, Postcards, Pressed Olive, Queen Anne's Lace, Rare Silk, Romance Novel, Room Addition, Scented Candles, Shopping Spree, Smokey, Silver Spoon, Smokey Pink, Snowflakes, Southern Belle, Spin Cycle, Starlit, Starry Eyed, Sunflowers, Sweet Woodruff, Swing Set, Taj Mahal, To Do List, Trousdale Estates, Twilight Kiss, Wallaby, Weeping Willow, White Lilies, Wine Tasting, Wish You Were Here, Wood Sorrel

Make Up For Ever (10 colors)
Star Powder 905, Star Powder 916, Star Powder 922, Star Powder 926, Star Powder 929, Star Powder 940, Star Powder 947, Star Powder 950, Star Powder 954, Star Powder 955, Star Powder 956

Meow Cosmetics (46 colors)
Amazon, Atlantis, Barbados, Bermuda Triangle, Blood Orange, Breakfast at Kitty's, Brisk, Bromeliad, Cat In Tree, Cat Island, Cayman, Debt, Ducat, Expedition, Gloaming, Howl, Huntress, Iaru, Icebound, In-Laws, Krazy Kat, Lights Out, Lioness, Miw, Nightfall, Nile, Obelisk, Passionate Puss, Permafrost, Petulant, Polecat, Purrsnickety, Pussyfoot, Ra, Sand Dune, Spider Monkey, Stingray, Swanky, Tail of Woe, The Cat's Pyjamas, Tongue Tied, Tooth and Nail, Tree Fire, Tribal, Uncharted, Verdure

Morgana Minerals (14 colors)
Beowulf, BeWitches, Buried Treasure, Chameleon Sea, Concubine, Coraline, Desdemona, Druscilla's Sister, Joust, Lady of the Lake, Mordred, Skeletons in your Closet, Uninvited Presence, Zaria

Pure Luxe (66 colors)
Ambition, Ariel, Berry, Blue Jeans, Careless Whispers, China Blue, Chocolate Blueberries, Chocolate Cherries, Compassion, Drama Queen, Dream On, Electrify, Elysium, Enchanted, Faceted, Fairy Wings, Fantasy, Frou Frou, Galaxy, Ghost Mist, Helix, Illusion, Iris, Jazzy, Jezebel, Kisses in the Dark, Love, Love Spell, Luminous, Luster, Luxe, Mermaid, Mirage, Miss Understood, Moody, Notorious, Oasis, Peacock, PL Asp, Prismatic, Promiscuous, Rapture, Ravishing, Razor, Romance, Seashore, Serenity, Shameless, Solitude, Spoiled, Strength, Sublime, Sunset, Surfer Girl, Tantalize, Tea Rose, Trust Fund, Twilight, Uptown, Utopia, Venom, Venus, Vibe, Visions, Vortex, Wizard

Rainbow Minerals (9 colors)
Alexis, Arctic Silver, Beige Pearl, Harvest Plum, Mercedes, Sahara, Salmon Pearl, Teal, Wisteria Shimmer

Sassy Minerals (13 colors)
Bittersweet Irony, Crown Jewels, Gaining Ground, Jolt, Lyrical, My Idol, Off Kilter, Perplexed, Pucker Up, Sorceress, Starstruck, Taste the Rain, Wanton Disregard

Shiro Cosmetics (24 colors)
Bulbasaur, Butterfree, Clefairy, Deku, Garandorf, Golem, Hearts, Lance the Dragon Trainer, Link, Manectric, Moosh, Ocarina, Ocktorok, Pikachu, Poliwrath, Rapidash, S. S. Anne, Seaking, Spiritomb, Team Rocket, Veran, Vileplume, Wobbuffet, Zubat

Simply Naturals (76 colors)
Amber, American Beauty, Amethyst, Berry Frost, Black Cherry, Blackberry, Blaze, Bliss, Blossom, Blue Steel, Bluebell, Brass, Brick, Cashmere, Celadon, Chameleon, Champagne, Charcoal, Chestnut, Chocolate, Copper, Coral, Cougar, Cranberry, Crystal Z, Crush, Deep Nutmeg, Denim, Divine, Egypt, Forest, Gem, Gold Glow, Gypsy, Heliotrope, Honey, Honey Amber, Ivory, Klein, Lace, Leaf, Leather, Lemonade, Lilac, Lily, Majesty, Mauvelous, Melon, Metallic, Midnight Blue, Mocha, Mulberry, Nutmeg, Pacific, Patience, Periwinkle, Persian, Pink Champagne, Plasma, Plum Shimmer, Plum Tree, Primrose, Raw Sienna, Ruby, Russet, Sandalwood, Sandy, Sangria, Sapphire, Seashell, Shock, Spice, Steel, Storm, Teal, Tumbleweed, Viola, Viridian, Wildberry

TKB Trading (33 colors)
Angel Wings, Antique Silver, Black Oxide, Blackstar Blue, Blackstar Green, Blackstar Red, Blue Ice, Brilliant Gold, Copper Penny, Crucible Gold, Crucible Red, Echo, Green Apple, Noble Silver Sparks, Omega Blue, Pearl Blue, Pearl Green, Pearl Peach, Pearl Pink, Pearl White, Pearl Yellow, Pink Crystal, Raspberry Pop, Satin White, Sparkle Rose, Transparent Gold, Travel to Earth, Travel to Jupiter, Travel to Mars, Travel to Mercury, Travel to Neptune, Travel to Pluto, Travel to Venus, Turquoise Sparks

The SheSpace (401 colors)
A Bit Naughty, A Prime Target, Absolutely Fabulous, Acidic Reign, All Eyes On You, Amber's A Keeper, Angel's Blush, Another Angry Witch, Anti Establishment, Aphrodite Screams, Art of Noise, Asylum, Baby Chatter, Be Kind to Strangers, Be Seen And Heard, Be The Fairytale, Be Who You Are, Beauty Babe, Because Simon Said So, Being a Wish Girl, Benefits of Bliss, Beyond Convention, Beyond Skin Deep, Bionic Mania, Bit By Glitz, Blazing Angels, Blisstified, Bloom and Flourish, Blueberry Crush Haze, Born Beautiful, Born In Bliss, Bottle of Bubbles, Broken Mind, Broken Wings, Cabana Boy, Can't Buy Beauty, Can't Hide from Karma, Caught Off Guard, Celebrate Red Lipstick, Celestial Glow, Center of the Universe, Chain Reaction, Champagne and Caviar, Chasing Mystery, Chasing Whimsies, Cherish a Challenge, Chilling with the DJ, Choir of Angels, Cindy's Got Gumption, Claim the Stage, Baby, Claim Your Throne, Clowns in Concert, Cocktails on the Terrace, Cocoa Kisses, Confetti Wars, Copy Cat Karma, Copy Cat Queen, Cookies for Claus, Crack the Whip, Crawl Than Fly, Crazy for Kisses, Crisp White Shirt, Cruisin' For Chickies, Culture Crash, Cynical Fairy, Dance with a Dreamer, Daredevil Drama, Dark Secrets, Date Night, Dazzle Dance, Decorated Moon, Define Beauty, Delicious Adventure, Delirious, Demand A Little Drama, Desperate Measures, Determined Enemy, Devious, Dim Witted, Disco Killer, Disturbed By Dreams, Divas on Fifth, Dove's A Plenty, Dragon Breathe, Drama on the Dancefloor, Driven By Instinct, Drops of Moonstones, Drunk With Bliss, Duelling Divas, Dusted with Magic, Eerie Echo, Eggnog Hangover, Electric Lust, Elves Rule, Embrace Insanity, Embrace This Fabulous Face, Entity Unleashed, Ethereal Winds, Euphoric Madness, Eventual Madness, Ever So Dreamy, Exotic Decadence, Expect Great Things, Fa La La La Lunatic, Fact or Fantasy, Failing To Thrive, Fairest Of Them All, Fairy Dust Frenzy, Fairy Tale Failed, Fall From Grace, False Pretense, Far Too Fabulous, Far Too Free, Fashionista Femme, Feathers and Crayons, Fields of Wisdom, Filling In Blanks, Finest Hour, Fire and Brimstone, Firecracker, Fishing For Wisdom, Fleeced by Fairies, Flirty Flirt Flirt, Follow The Sun, Foreclosed On The Castle, Frisky Kitty, Fulfill a Dream, Full of Hope, Funky Chicken, Gemini Rising, Gin Fizz and a Phone Number, Gingerbread With Attitude, Girl Genius, Glass Confetti, Glossed Over, Glossy Moon, Go To Lunch, Go To Shop, Go to Work, Goodness and Grace, Halos and Horns, Happy Birthday Chris, Happy Hour Hazards, Harmony in the Heavens, Harmony of Heart, Haunted Moon, Hear With Your Heart, Heart over Head, High Drama, High Glam, High Velocity, Hot for Chocolate, Hours Of Thrills, Human Condition, Iced Crystal Glitz, Ignore the Talking Mirror, Inhale Sunshine, Innate Optimist, Intended Bliss, Intensely Irked, Into The Night, Into The Smoke, Invitation To Paradise, It's A Love Thing, Judge and Jury, Just Because, Just Not Right, Kate's Okay, Keys to the Castle, Killer Bees, Killer Couture, Kiss the Frogs, Kissed with Wax Lips, Knights on Horses, Knights Trump Dwarves, Lack of Sanity, Lap of Lunacy, Laughing Outcast, Laughing Princess, Leap Tall Buildings, Let's Promote Passion, Leos and Lovers, Lesli In Leather, Life is Dreamy, Little Bit of Fabulous, Liquid Confidence, Little Explosions, Little Miss Bliss, Little White Lies, Live a Fabulous Life, Live in Color, Lives for Drama, Lives for Passion, Living In Motion, Looked and Leaped, Loose Lips, Lost In Lust, Love Knows No Endings, Love Letter Lies, Lovin' the Light, Lucifer's Chariot, Lured By Life, Lying Mirrors, Magic Bean Buyer, Magical Hats, Make Believe, Make Em Dance, Make It Happen, Make It Happen...Again, Makes Me Giggle, Make Momma Proud, Managed Mania, Martinis and Men Don't Mix, Marshmallow Mist, Maxxed Out the Plastic, Merely A Bit Modest, Mesh and Lace, Miniature Martyrs, Misplaced Sanity, Miss Defiant, Mistletoe Morning, Misty Maiden, Moonlight and Miracles, Moonlight Whimsy, Moral Enemy, Morning Dew, Moth To A Flame, Movin' On Up, Much Less Daunting, Name Dropper, Necessary Laughter, Necessary Morality, Necessary to be Merry, Next Stop Oz, Not Necessarily, Not Without Knowing, Notable Ability, Notorious She, Oh Precious Patience, Older Than Dirt, One Broken Stiletto, One Mystical Journey, One Pilgrim Prancing, One Pulse Quickens, One Turkey Trotting, Optimistic Angels, Over-Coiffed, Own Your Excellence, Packin' Heat, Paper Mirrors, Park Avenue Princess, Party for One, Passion Parade, Pay Attention, Pearl World, Pearls and Stilettos, Pearls of Wisdom, Peppermint Icicle, Pixie Paradise, Pocket Full Of Twinkle, Pomegranite Promises, Powder Burn, Prince to Pauper, Proven Fabulous, Pumpkin Head, Puppy Passion, Pursue Your Passion, Queenie of the Cats, Random Acts Come Back, Rapunzel's Bad Hair Day, Reap And Sew, Rescue Yourself, Resisted Anxiety, Return to Redundancy, Riddles of Rumours, Ride the Wave, Risk and Reward, Rivaled Utopia, Roaring Metaphor, Rock Your Imagination, Rockin' Egyptian, Ruled by Memories, Ruler of the Land, Saints Who Skydive, Sapphire Rivers, Savage Chic, Savor the Psychosis, Save the Trolls, Scent of a Psycho, Secret Wishes, Seeds of Truth, Seeking Sanctity, Seldom Understood, Selling Souls, Seven Little Men, Shadows Know, She Craves Color, She Does Sparkle, She Tends to Twinkle, She's So Scrappy, Sheer Pearl, Short On Sass, Shot The Messenger, Shutter, Silently Illuminated, Silk Pillows, Sips of Sin, Skating on Black Ice, Slumber Party, Smooching For Supper, Smoky Mirror, Snickety She, Snooty Socialite, Snow White's Dark Side, So Sexy She Sizzles, Social Climber, Spectacle, Spectral Light, Spinning Tales, Spread a Little Light, Stalking Santa, Stay In Faith, Stay on the Sunny Side, Step To It, Stillest of Silence, Stolen Soul, Stomp The Pixies, Stories of Glory, Storybook Love, Street Savvy, Stronger Than You Think, Stuck Like Glue, Sunflowers and Sugar, Super Chick, Surfing The Nile, Suspicious Step Mom, Sweet Tart Terror, Swim With The Fishes, Tactical Tyranny, Take A Chance, Take A You Day, Take the Credit, Tall Drink of Water, Tangy Taffy Twist, Tattered and Torn, Tear Jerk, Techno Girls, Terror In The Streets, The Golden Rule, The Maestro, The Magical Mimic, The Mirror Loves Me, The Oddysey, The Simple Strut, The Terror of Tinsel, The World Needs You, Then He Kissed Me, Three Evil Chicks, Tied Up in Tinsel, Time and Trouble, Time In A Glass, Time Is Watching, Tinkerbelle Crashed, Tinted Wisdom, Tiny Obsession, Tip the Scales, Tis the Season of Reason, Toe Tapping Tyrant, Too Cool For School, Touched by Truth, Trauma Mamma, Tricked Out Turtledove, Tripped The Diva, Trolling for Hotties, Trophy Wife, Trouble in a Bubble, Twinkle Dazzle Delight, Twisted Psychic, Typical Mania, Uncharted Emotions, Unicorns in Love, Uptown Attitude, Va Va Voom, Valley Girl, Vampires Tap Dancing, Victory Dance, Vintage Advantage, VIP Lounge Lizards, Vixen is a Virgo, Vodka and a Vixen, Wake Up Call, Walk In Wisdom, Warily Merrily, Wasted Integrity, Wasted Space, Watching for Turtles, Wax Trophies For Boys, Whirled and Twirled, Whirling and Swirling, Whirling Golden Devils, Wilted Roses, Wings of Steel, With Arms Wide Open, Witty With The Wishes, Worthy of Greatness, You Be The Queen, You Cheat I Win, Zelda's Revenge

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