elf’s Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths review

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  • Vendor: eyeslipsface
  • Availability: through the website, Ulta, and all-in-one stores (Target, Kohl's, Fred Meyer, et cetera)
  • Description: 20 makeup wipes per package
  • Cost/Amount: USD$3.00 per pack / or USD$5.00 for two 20-wipe packs
  • Would you purchase again: yes
elf’s Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

I love these!! They’re inexpensive, they’re sturdy, the packaging is excellent. The makeup remover fluid does work to take off makeup, even waterproof makeup. Just hold it to your face or eye for about 30 seconds to let the remover penetrate and break down the makeup, then wipe away. As with most makeup-remover cloths or pads, there will be some of the remover left behind on your face, so you’ll also need to cleanse with warm water.

The package doesn’t just have the sticky-flap closure, it’s got a plastic lid that snaps closed over and around the flap. It won’t keep the wipes from drying out if the flap isn’t re-sealed; but it does add a little more protection to keep the flap from curling up or being pulled off in storage. IT also helps keep the remover fluid inside the package during travel, like in a suitcase or purse or backpack.

Recently, elf has stopped selling single packs, and now only sells the two-packs through their website. The price per pack effectively dropped when they did this, though, and most people I know don’t just buy a single pack of these. They stock up - and with good reason! These cloths are very effective, they travel well, and they’re inexpensive. These are 12.5 cents per wipe, versus 22 cents each for Olay’s makeup remover wipes or 32 cents each for the makeup remover wipes from Neutrogena.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using these or any makeup wipes:

  • Don't have mutliple packages open. The makeup remover will start drying up, even with elf's dual-sealed package. You may also want to keep your package of wipes in a zip-seal sandwich bag, as extra insurance from drying out.
  • Don't wipe hard or scrub to remove your makeup. Put the cloth onto your skin and wait 10 seconds for the remover oils to penetrate and loosen the makeup. Then, gently wipe as many times as you need, to get all of your makeup off.
  • Makeup wipes loosen and remove makeup, but they do leave behind residue. You still need to cleanse your face after using makeup wipes, even if you only use warm water and a wash cloth.

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