Emerging from my cave with a quick news roundup

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Please pardon the gaps...

The site is in mid-migration now (manual migration of over 7,000 entries, so there's a lot to be done.) The entry stubs are created for older content, but for the most part, the actual content isn't there quite yet. I am working on it. Unfortunately I have no ETA. But feel free to link to any page! When the content does get populated, the URL will stay the same.

Emerging from my cave with a quick news roundup

I received my Meow samples yesterday, so I'll be happily swatching the day away (and making composite-pro photos for various kits and collections), but before I disappeared again, I wanted to remind folks of some endings, some beginnings, and some up-and-comings.

  • Bare Escentuals has released more holiday items. Seeing how close we are to Christmas, I think this is their final wave. The "big eyecolor kit" is The More The Merrier ($79 for 9 mini eyeshadows, 2 small face colors, & 3 mini lip glosses), and I originally thought this might be available for preview the same day I got that ill-fated makeover. It wasn't, and I was mildly disappointed - I hadn't been able to find any solid information on its contents. Turns out it's full of items that I either already have (all the eye- and face-colors but two) or don't want (the lip glosses - oh, how I loathe the lip glosses...it's a texture thing.)
  • Speaking of Christmas, and seasonal collections...Meow's Thanksgiving sale ends tomorrow, and their new holiday collections are all out (except for two). Use the code CatsEatTurkey and choose the Free Shipping option to get both free shipping, and 15% off your entire order. If nothing else, you can do what I did and get holiday samples for a lower price. All the better to select what you want in full-size, my dear...!
  • And speaking of collections...Aromaleigh has released another collection, and is pricing the full-size pots at $3.50 apiece, to move inventory (actually, all Vault-sale collections are now at $3.50 apiece, including Mythos, Wonderstruck, and Spells.) The Astronomical collection features a few interesting-looking duochromesque possibilities, Azimuth and Binary; but I've spent as much money as I can afford to spend at Aromaleigh v1's final clearance. I've gotten several more Angels colors (Loretha, Orion, Suzanne Marie Rose, Promise, more Georgiana and Erynne), a few more from the regular stock (several Pure Drama shades and some other backups)...and I've kind of got collection fatigue. The colors are all starting to kind of blur together. Add that, plus my budget, plus the pressure to buy now before Aromaleigh closes and before they run out of these colors...no. Thanks, best of luck, but no. I'm simply burnt out. (On the plus side, international ordering is open and has been for quite some time now. She's even got some of the Rocks! Sonic Eyes colors available...check the dropdown, near the bottom.)
  • And back to sales for a minute...Morgana Cryptoria's Black Friday weekend sale still has about twelve hours left. All the items and collections listed on the front page are included in the sale. When your cart reaches $50, you'll automatically get 50% off all shadows in your cart. She's also got some new lipsticks out: the regular vegan colors, some new deep-rich shades, and several pastels.
  • And more collection-news! Shiro Cosmetics has announced a collection to be released in mid-December. It's pastels, and I've only seen photos of about six of the color-swatches, so I don't know if this will be fleshed out to be the same size as Legends and Super Effective, or if it will be a smaller kit-type thing like iShadow.
  • Total utter segue, no graceful connection to the previous item: I'm still ill. Yet I ache less, I spent a whole lot of yesterday sleeping, and the only thing that got me out of the house was shopping for ginger ale. The weather's warming up a bit, we've got rain forecast, but since this is a coastal rain forest that's nothing remarkable. I'm just thankful that night-time temperatures are all the way up into the high 30s and, occasionally, the low 40s. Since daytime temps aren't going above 45, this means that there's not a whole lot of variation: just light damp chill, and dark damp chill. But there's no longer snow on the ground outside my home, so yay.

If you haven't registered for my site, you might want to do so sooner than later. My first winter giveaway is underway, the second opens on December 16th (I've got the prize all assembled, I just have to photograph it), and the third and final giveaway - to celebrate both my birthday and the site's birthday - is the biggest prize of all (still waiting on a few items for that one!) All contests are open to readers everywhere. If you're not both registered and active, you can't win. And if you can't win...you'll have to get your own goodies.

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