EoTD: November 8

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EoTD: November 8

Yesterday was my “day off” from the challenge. I repotted a few colors, took some photos, reviewed a new mini-collection, and did some other stuff around the house (like raking leaves. Yay, fun…but it was quite quite necessary.) I also figured out that I have to use an average of 76 eyecolors per month - and that I'm already 1/3 of the way through this month's minimum quota. So yay for that much. Having learned that, I didn't feel too badly for taking a day off.

Part of the One Year Eyecolor Challenge (new colors used: 2)

  • YourNamePro's SuperWear Cream Shadow in Cinder-rose, lash to just below brow
  • Pure Luxe's Mirage, patted dry lash to brow and then reapplied damp lash to crease
  • Aromaleigh v1's Verbena, inner eye-crease lash to crease and upper lash line
  • Urban Decay's Liquid Liner in Smog, inner upper lash line

I've been less than thrilled with Cinder-rose - it's not easy to apply, and it's a bit darker than I would have expected - a bit more terracotta than rose. Still, if I've got it, I may as well use it. The Kaleidescope colors from Pure Luxe aren't the easiest to use, but they're lovely. I can get the most interesting effects out of them if they're applied wet - just patting them over a cream shadow base won't really bring out the duochrome effects as much. Verbena's gorgeous, but it's almost underutilized here. It didn't work so well as a liner, so I used it to darken the inner eyelid slightly.


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