EoTD: Qualities - Confusion

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EoTD: Qualities - Confusion

"Confusion is Patience's nephew. She is the only one who can sing to him."
— from The Book of Qualities by J. Ruth Gendler

Part of the One Year Eyecolor Challenge (new colors used: 4)


  • Bare Escentuals' White Chocolate, lash to brow - base color, highlight (schparkle!!)
  • Bare Escentuals' Grass, outer 1/3 lid - shading
  • Make Up For Ever's Star Powder 922, inner lid - shading, color
  • Pure Luxe's Kisses in the Dark, wetlined upper and lower lash lines - definition

Interestingly enough, Confusion got one of the more uniform responses: green (greyed green, muted olive, blue-green), black and white, and orange (orange, burnt orange). Interesting because I'd have almost expected to get more colors...and because green and orange are actually complementary colors.

Look: Qualities - Confusion (detail)
Look: Qualities - Confusion (detail)
Look: Qualities - Confusion (colors used)

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