EoTD: Qualities - Creativity

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EoTD: Qualities - Creativity

"Creativity loves to gossip with the birds and put on her masks and beads and dance with the animals...more than anyone else, Creativity understands the secret meanings of the months when nothing seems to get done."
— from The Book of Qualities by J. Ruth Gendler

Part of the One Year Eyecolor Challenge (new colors used: 7)

Fourth in my series of rainbow-eye looks (previously on RETV: Whimsy, Forgiveness, and Liberation) - and there will be one more. This look is also special because with two exceptions - the orange and the purple - these are all Aromaleigh Angel colors; and furthermore, these are all of of Aromaleigh Angel colors I own, with two exceptions: Ella Runciter (I was already using one deep green) and Laughing Muse (because I've used it already in this challenge).

Posted so late in the day because after I took the photos this morning, I set my camera down and went off to grab coffee. Then started my workday. Then went midafternoon to upload my pics...and couldn't find my camera. I'd managed to hide it from myself. Go me...


All colors were applied dry, but this look was done over a cream shadow base.

I wish I'd bought more pots of Georgiana. There's just the slightest pink sheen to it that adds a layer of warmth. Sadly, by the time I found out that the Angels program was to be discontinued, I barely had enough time and money to order two fullsize pots of those colors I did want - and I still missed out on Promise entirely. Still...I did get two pots of Georgiana, so I didn't miss out on this color entirely.

Look: Qualities - Creativity (detail)
Look: Qualities - Creativity (detail)
Look: Qualities - Creativity (detail)
Look: Qualities - Creativity (colors used)

This is my fourth time using Rimmel's Glam'Eyes mascara, and I've been pleasantly surprised. Saturday I'll put BE's Flawless Definition on one eye and Glam'Eyes on the other, to see comparative wear throughout the day. The next day I'll put the winner up against Cover Girl's Lash Blast Length. They're all similarly priced, they all give me definition and length without clumping, they all apply well even to the lashes on the ends of my lids, I've got no problems with any of the ingredients in any of the three formulas...so let's see if I can determine the best performer of the three.

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