EoTD: Solstice Grove

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EoTD: Solstice Grove

Happy solstice, all!! For those northern-hemisphere residents that don't observe the holiday, you've got a reason to celebrate, too: from here on out, the days slowly start to get longer. We'll gradually have more and more daylight every day.

I managed to break two fingers yesterday, but I woke up feeling pretty good, so did a full-face look instead of just my eyeshadow. This was the first time I tried using Bare Escentuals' soft focus liner brush (retractable version), and it actually worked fairly well! I was pleasantly surprised.

Part of the One Year Eyecolor Challenge (new colors used: 4)


  • Everyday Minerals Mint color corrector
  • Meow Cosmetics' Sleek Chausie foundation
  • Everyday Minerals' DVR Saturday blush


  • UDPP lash to crease
  • Bare Escentuals' Dulce de Leche, lash to brow
  • Simply Naturals' Chestnut, upper lash line
  • Aromaleigh v1's Colette, outer vee
  • Aromaleigh v1's Brownsugar, inner vee
  • Sephora Flashy Copper waterproof eye pencil, waterline


  • Aromaleigh v1's Juliette nourishing color creme
Look: Solstice Grove (full face)
Look: Solstice Grove (detail)

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