Is anybody out there…? Expanding the reading list

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Please pardon the gaps...

The site is in mid-migration now (manual migration of over 7,000 entries, so there's a lot to be done.) The entry stubs are created for older content, but for the most part, the actual content isn't there quite yet. I am working on it. Unfortunately I have no ETA. But feel free to link to any page! When the content does get populated, the URL will stay the same.

Is anybody out there…? Expanding the reading list

My reading list has thinned a little…and since the blogging community has changed so much, I can’t really find new blogs like I used to. There’s a hell of a lot more sleuthing that I need to do.…?

I’m looking for beauty blogs that are at least a year old. It can be a mix - beauty and fashion, beauty and lifestyle, beauty and daily life, beauty and whatever - but “beauty” (makeup, nails, skincare, hair) should be at least a third of what’s regularly posted. I’m also looking for blogs: written word, text on the page. (I know that IG and YT folks put a hell of a lot of work into their stuff…but I prefer blogs.) Send an email!

(The rest of this is essentially going to be “older woman yells at cloud,” so if you’re utterly happy with the current state of blogs, you may want to grab your beverage-of-choice and move along. Happy trails…)

Any community changes over time. That’s just human nature. Blogging is out of its infancy, but it’s still evolving. The technology available for bloggers to use is also constantly evolving. All of these tool-changes just seem to magnify the purely-human changes.

I REALLY miss the Google Reader widget. It was easy to place and brainless to update, and when you found a blog that you liked, you could get a fairly good idea of other followed blogs’ tone and style by looking at the snippets of text (and the initial thumbnail) that would show up in the sidebars. The most-recently updated blogs were always on top - so it wasn’t all that likely that you’d fall in love with a blog that had last updated months or years ago. It seems like a lot more people are starting or running blogs with the aim of building their personal brand and turning pro - and part of that, it seems, is keeping all eyes on yourself rather than sending eyeballs anyplace else. I think that if Google Reader were still around today, the widget might see less use. (Or there would still be the community of non-professional - or less professional - bloggers who were able to link up and share readers. I don’t know. But…I miss that sharing, and that sense of community.)

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