Fyrinnae’s 50s Retro collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Fyrinnae
  • Availability: released March 4 2013; available through the webstore
  • Description: six eyeshadows, one finishing powder, and two lip colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6.25 for 3 grams; $2.25 for 1/3 teaspoon
  • Would you purchase again: individual colors, yes
Fyrinnae’s 50s Retro collection

Fyrinnae has mentioned at least two collections in the queue for 2013. This first one was themed around the makeup looks from the 1950s, with neutral or near-neutral eyes, low shimmer factor, and bold lips. If you’re a neutrals fan, this collection with its taupes and bronzes is right up your alley. If you prefer the bolder shades that Fyrinnae does such a great job with…well, try some of these anyway. They, along with the other neutrals in Fyrinnae’s lineup, are the perfect way to set off and spotlight those vivid and jeweltoned eyeshadow shades.

This collection contained:

  • Automatic Toaster — medium neutral brown satin
  • Console Television — medium-soft warm taupe shimmer
  • It Beautifies! — copper-bronze shimmer
  • Housework Pearls — medium mauve-peach satin
  • Mauve-o-matic — mauve-plum satin
  • Monster Movie — medium soft green with faint bronze shimmer
  • Hollywood Sorcery (finishing powder) — sheer peach-bronze sheen
  • 1952 (lip color) — warm "bombshell red" creme
  • Glamorous Rebel (lip color) — cool "bombshell red" creme

My personal favorites are Mauve-o-matic and Housework Pearls. Monster Movie is a pretty green, but a little bit soft for my preferences. If you're looking for an "ease-into-it" green, get a sample of this shade. Hollywood Sorcery wasn't something that I was originally interested in, but then I saw how it very subtly brightened my complexion without giving it overtly bronze or tanned tones.

As with all Fyrinnae collections, these will remain a part of the line and continuously available indefinitely. Individual colors or items may be discontinued at some point in the future either if demand is extremely low, or if an ingredient used in formulation is no longer available.

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