Fyrinnae’s Arcane Magic collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Fyrinnae
  • Availability: unknown beginning; collection still available as of April 2011 through the webstore
  • Description: upwards of 18 eyeshadows
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6.35 per 3-gram jar; $2 per 1/4 teaspoon sample
  • Would you purchase again: individual colors, yes
Fyrinnae’s Arcane Magic collection

Many of these shadows are duochromes, but not all are dramatically so. (Madam and Eve is a very dramatic duochrome shift. Evocation is a bit more subtle.) These have been a separate collection on the Fyrinnae site as long as I’ve been aware of the company.

The line keeps growing. At this point, I’ve stopped tracking what was added when…

This collection contained:

  • Avian Shapeshifter — pinked coral with rose-peach duochrome shimmer
  • Conjurer — warm dark plum with blue sparkle
  • Dark Fantasy — charcoal-based leaf-green with coral duochrome shimmer
  • Dragon Magic — blackened blue-green with blue duochrome shimmer
  • Electric Stardust — lime green with light blue duochrome shimmer (new in 2010)
  • Evocation — gilded taupe with a sage / rose-coral shimmer
  • Faerie Glamour — medium-deep sapphire blue with purple sparkle
  • Farseer — muted green-blue shimmer (discontinued)
  • Feline Familiars — bronzed chocolate with burgundy duochrome shimmer (new in 2008)
  • Futuristic Glamrock — aqua-blue with lavender duochrome shimmer (new in 2010)
  • Glitterboi — cerulean blue with violet duochrome shimmer (new in 2010)
  • Greenman's Forest — gold-brown with green and burgundy duochrome shimmer (new in 2008)
  • Leopard Print — muted gold with pale antiqued green duochrome shimmer (new in 2010)
  • Madam and Eve — blackened violet with blue-green sparkle (new in 2010)
  • Mystic — dark charcoal with aqua/pink/lavender/silver shimmer
  • Pyromantic Erotica — yellow-orange with peach-gold duochrome shimmer (new in 2010)
  • Sequined Master — lavender-violet with mauve duochrome shimmer (new in 2010)
  • Sorceress — blackened purple with rose-teal-blue duochrome shimmer
  • Trickery — green-gold taupe with coral-peach duochrome shimmer (new in 2008)
  • Velvet Vampire — rust-red with red-orange duochrome shimmer (new in 2010)
  • Warrior-Mage — gilded silver with pink-gold duochrome shimmer (new in 2009)

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