I Heart Revolution Disney Fairytale Books palette in Ariel review with swatches and photos

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  • Manufacturer: Makeup Revolution
  • Availability: released in March 2021
  • Contains: 6 face colors and 18 eye colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$18.00 (UK£15.00)
  • Would you purchase again: yes
I Heart Revolution Disney Fairytale Books palette in Ariel

When the Ariel palette was released, I was the colors appealed to me: the hues, the saturation, and the balance between neutrals and the more colorful shades. The earliest reviews of this palette mentioned its improved quality versus the first palettes (Cinderella and Belle) in this series, that I decided to go ahead and buy this and the Tiana palette. Their shades appealed to me, but I generally wait on orders from Makeup Revolution until I’ll have several items in there, to justify the shipping.

(This turned out to be a crazymaking purchase, because first their “new US site” didn’t have the items in stock and said that they weren’t getting any more, so I bought them from the UK site and sent them to my friend who then posted them to me a while later. Everything was in excellent shape, I just had to re-glue three of the face-color pans back into the compact.)

The face colors are fairly soft, and the face pans are large enough for just about any face brush you might care to use. The eyeshadow pans are wider than they are high, so you can only really pick up the color by either side-to-side swipes, or a tight twirl. The matte eyeshadows have an abstract wave-pattern on top of them. These aren’t intended to be thematic, though, because the Tiana palette has the same patterning. The makeup quality is about the same as the Forever Flawless palettes from Makeup Revolution - these are the best, in terms of color payoff, blendability, and longevity, that I (and several others, to go by YT videos and makeup reviews) have tried from Revolution Beauty and its various families and lines.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

The entire palette: six face colors on the left side, 18 eyeshadow colors on the right side. Four face colors, swatched: Part of Your World, Make a Splash, Total Catch, and The Heart of the Sea Two face colors and two eye colors, swatched: Under the Sea and Rule the Wave; Flounder and Ariel Four eye colors, swatched: Adella, Aquata, Dinglehopper, and Ocean Four eye colors, swatched: Waves, Sebastian, Sea, and Mermaid Four eye colors, swatched: Alana, Attina, Scuttle, and Seaweed Four eye colors, swatched: Eric, Triton, Flotsam, and Ursula

The non-highlighter face colors don't do as much for me as I thought they might. They pull too warm to work well for me. The highlighters, however, are all great! I can make those colors work either on my face or my lids.

There is one "chunky-frost" color in this palette: Aquata. I hate eyeshadows that have this formula - from Makeup Revolution or from any other company - with every fiber of my being. I cannot get them to apply nicely with any brush that I've tried. They don't build easily, they are prone to fallout as the day (the hour!!!) progresses, and I can't get them to blend worth a wet paper bag. About the only way I can get them to do what I want (on my arm, at least) is by using my finger, but I feel like I can either sheer the color way way out, or I have to press fairly hard...and I would not feel comfortable pressing that hard on my actual eyelid.

Dinglehopper is a regular frost-finish, and I had to pack on a lot of color to get the color payoff in my swatch. That isn't precisely unexpected, since white colors from MUR tend not to perform very well at all. I can use this as an under-brow or inner-vee soft highlight shade, and at least get some use out of it.

There are six face colors and 18 eye colors (24 total). The colors in this palette are swatched in columnar order, starting with the leftmost face-color columns.

This kit contained:

Face colors

  • Part of Your World — light sheer coral satin
  • Make a Splash — medium sheer apricot satin
  • Total Catch — medium sheer terracotta satin
  • The Heart of the Sea — pale pink shimmer
  • Under the Sea — medium copper shimmer
  • Rule the Wave — coral-pink satin


  • Flounder — softened medium yellow shimmer
  • Ariel — light lilac matte
  • Adella — medium-light green shimmer
  • Aquata — light aqua-blue chunky foil
  • Dinglehopper — soft white frost
  • Ocean — metallic medium blue shimmer
  • Waves — light blue shimmer
  • Sebastian — vivid medium red satin
  • Sea — deep blue satin
  • Mermaid — salmon-red satin
  • Alana — metallic medium-light violet shimmer
  • Attina — metallic medium-deep red shimmer
  • Scuttle — softened white matte
  • Seaweed — medium-deep green-blue satin
  • Eric — medium pink matte
  • Triton — metallic yellow-gold shimmer
  • Flotsam — metallic medium-deep blue-green shimmer
  • Ursula — medium purple satin

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