I Heart Revolution Disney Fairytale Books palette in Tiana with swatches and photos

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  • Manufacturer: Makeup Revolution
  • Availability: released in late 2020
  • Description: 6 face colors and 18 eye colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$18.00 (UK£15.00)
  • Would you purchase again: yes
I Heart Revolution Disney Fairytale Books palette in Tiana

2020 and 2021 saw several Disney-collab releases from Makeup Revolution’s various brands. The “princess” collections (Fairy Tale books?) all have a face-and-eye palette, a standalone highlighter, and a lip topper. I was only interested in the palettes, and wasn’t interested in all of them. The first two out, Cinderella and Belle, just didn’t interest me too much. The overall palettes looked decent enough, but no colors that I didn’t already have; and the face colors in the palettes were too light for my preferences. The Tiana collection, though! It immediately caught my attention. This has deeper blush colors, and a greater quantity of deep or saturated shades among the eye colors…though the two top rows have some very pale greens that may not work well on me. It wasn’t until the Ariel palette was released, about six months later, that I made the decision to buy these two.

These palettes all come in cardboard packaging, in a “book” that opens not up and down, but left to right. The left side has the blushes and highlighters, the right side has the eyeshadows. The face-color pans are a good size, large enough to easily use just about any size face brush to pick up the product without skipping into the next-closest face pan. The eyeshadow pans are a little wider than the pans in the Forever Flawless palettes, but about 3/5 of the height. They’re wide enough to sweep an eyeshadow brush back and forth, or tightly swirl, but if you wanted to use a wider eyeshadow brush, things might get a bit cramped. For all colors in these Fairytale Books, the shade name is printed on the cardboard directly below its pan. Each side has a plastic protector-sheet over it, held in place along the left and right edges with something sticky that re-adheres when I press it back into place. Eventually this may wear out; but it was smart of them to put these in place to keep fallout from the various pans from migrating into the facing half’s pans.

The face and matte eye colors are very soft. I was able to pick up a good amount of product very easily. There was a bit of kickback, so I tended to use a flat brush for initial pickup and application, then switch to my blending brushes for spreading and blending. The shimmer shades were a bit firmer, and I needed to use my smudge brushes to loosen and pick up the product. The makeup quality is about the same as the Forever Flawless palettes from Makeup Revolution - these are the best, in terms of color payoff, blendability, and longevity, that I (and several others, to go by YT videos and makeup reviews) have tried from Revolution Beauty and its various families and lines.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

The entire palette: six face colors on the left side, 18 eyeshadow colors on the right side. Four face colors, swatched: Two face colors and two eye colors, swatched: Four eye colors, swatched: Four eye colors, swatched: Four eye colors, swatched: Four eye colors, swatched:

The face colors were quite a surprise! Not only are they more pigmented, the middle one is a purple shade! It's a matte blush, no shimmer, but...purple! Okay, okay, a medium-deep mauve shade. The first one looks red, but when I swatch it it's more of a fuchsia.

The light green eyeshadows perform better than I thought that they would. They're the same shade, a matte and a shimmer version. They're just barely too yellow to work really well on me, but they've got some nice color payoff. The light yellow (top left, Evangeline) is one of the most problematic in this palette. I had trouble getting the color to build up, and it didn't really blend too well. I think that I prefer either square or circle pans, rather than these rather small rectangles. It's not really possible to swirl a brush to pick up the color, but for horizontal or vertical sweeping...you've only got one direction you can go.

There are six face colors and 18 eye colors. 24 divided by 4 is a nice clean 6...so I'll swatch the palettes in columnar order, starting with the leftmost face-color columns.

This kit contained:

Face colors

  • Almost There — semisheer medium fuchsia-red matte
  • Promise — semisheer medium-deep orchid matte
  • Mardi Gras — semisheer warm red matte
  • Tiana's Place — semisheer light bronze shimmer
  • Achidanza — semisheer light gold-brown shimmer
  • New Orleans — medium warm satin


  • Evangeline — light yellow shimmer
  • Lilypad — light green matte
  • Naveen — medium-bright neutral purple matte
  • Swamp — medium greyed turquoise matte
  • Beignets — medium-deep red-orange matte
  • La Bouff — medium hot-pink shimmer
  • Louis — metallic olive green shimmer
  • Gumbo — mauved rose matte
  • Bayou — blackened midnight-blue shimmer
  • Frog — metallic medium kelly green shimmer
  • Magic — medium primary-yellow satin
  • Witch Doctor — medium-deep violet matte
  • Ray — metallic medium gilded-brown shimmer
  • Tiana — light green frost (same color as Lilypad)
  • Shadow Man — metallic grape shimmer
  • Kiss — metallic magenta shimmer
  • Voodoo — metallic red-rose shimmer
  • Mama Odile — medium orange-yellow matte

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