Kiko Cosmetics’ Long Lasting Stick Shadow collection review with swatches

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  • Manufacturer: Kiko Cosmetics
  • Availability: part of the regular line
  • Description: 32! eye shadow pencils
  • Cost/Amount: USD$12.00 for 0.06 ounces/1.64 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Kiko Cosmetics’ Long Lasting Stick Shadow collection

I own about 20 of these colors - I bought the first batch last summer when they were on 50% off sale, and I bought the second batch a few weeks ago during another sale, because who doesn’t love sales? - but I haven’t swatched more than 10 of them. The color payoff is great and application is lovely and smooth…with the exception of some of the “pearl” shades. They’re a little chunky, like metallic eyeshadow pencils sometimes are. These work best for me over a primer. Nothing else will adhere to my hooded, oily lids all day! But I take that as a problem with my eyelids, not a particular failing of these products.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Four colors, swatched: Bright Ivory, Burgundy, Clover Green, and Dark Taupe Four colors, swatched: Emerald Green, Golden Beige, Golden Brown, and Golden Mauve Four colors, swatched: Golden Taupe, Iris Blue, Lavender, Lagoon Blue Four colors, swatched: Light Taupe, Lilac, Midnight Blue, Multicolor Mauve Four colors, swatched: Nile Green, Passion Fuit, Pearly Calypso Rose, Pearly Cornflower Blue Four colors, swatched: Pearly White, Purple, Rosy Brown, Silver Four colors, swatched: Slate Blue, Smokey Grey, Teal, Vintage Rose

The colors stay smudgeable and blendable for about 5 or 10 minutes after application. After that point, they set up very nicely. The points are not meant to be sharp, so if you want to use these as liner shades, do what I do and use a liner or mini-smudge brush to apply the product rather than just using the stick. These do also retract back into the casing, and while I haven't had any for more than a year, I haven't found any drying out. The caps to noticeably click closed, so not only are they kept airtight, you won't have any purse- or pocket-accidents with the cap coming open.

This collection contained:

  • 01 Pearly White
  • 02 Silver
  • 04 Golden Chocolate
  • 05 Rosy Brown
  • 06 Golden Brown
  • 07 Golden Beige
  • 09 Nile Green
  • 10 Emerald Green
  • 11 Teal
  • 13 Violet
  • 15 Lilac
  • 16 Purple
  • 17 Midnight Blue
  • 18 Slate Blue
  • 19 Anthracite
  • 20 Black
  • 21 Passion Fruit
  • 25 Light Taupe
  • 28 Bright Ivory
  • 31 Iris Blue
  • 33 Smoky Grey
  • 34 Pearly Quartz Rose
  • 35 Pearly Calypso Rose
  • 36 Golden Mauve
  • 37 Burgundy
  • 38 Golden Taupe
  • 39 Dark Taupe
  • 40 Clover Green
  • 41 Lagoon Blue
  • 42 Lavender
  • 43 Pearly Cornflower Blue
  • 44 Ocean Blue
  • 45 Coral
  • 46 Multicolor Mauve
  • 47 Vintage Rose
  • 48 Forest Green
  • 49 Ultramarine Blue
  • 50 Deep Violet
  • 51 White Matte
  • 52 Holo White
  • 53 Rose
  • 54 Cool Gold
  • 55 Copper
  • 56 Burgundy
  • 57 Jungle Green
  • 58 Lilac
  • 59 Electric Blue

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