Looks for 2014, week 26

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I did a better job, this week, of remembering to photograph my looks. Instead of one, I captured two. Hey, that's a 100% increase!! (Yeah, I know. I'm kind of eyerolling, too.) I'd like to get to the point where I can regularly showcase at least 4 makeup looks a week. But with my track record for the year up until last week, I'll be happy with two. For now. (Next week...three!!!) My looks are simpler, but that's largely due to preference. The upside? Just about anyone can replicate them fairly easily, and you can adjust the colors to suit your own preferences / what you have in your own makeup drawer.
Looks for 2014, week 26

I'm using a lot of eyeshadows from Femme Fatale Cosmetics in my daily makeup. That's partially because the colors are gorgeous, but more because I've just repotted two orders, and the empty 5-gram jars still have a bit of product in them. No sense throwing those out yet, there's still prettiness to be used up! I have a small tray on my windowsill where I put all the "near-empties", and I'll grab a few to use each day. I can't do this with every color from Femme Fatale, because some depot totally clean, with no product left behind. Others, especially the deeper shades, will leave enough color on the lid, walls, and bottom of the jar, for me to get three to five looks' worth of use before that jar is ready for recycling.
Looks for 2014, week 26 Look: July 20 2014

Look for June 19


  • WnW Fergie primer, all over lid
  • Femme Fatale’s Cake, inner 2/3 and lower lash line
  • Femme Fatale’s Wizards Only, Fools – outer upper lash line, outer crease
  • CoverGirl LashBlast Length mascara, upper lashes only
  • Stila Smudge Crayon in Smoke, brows

Cake, from Femme's Post Apocalyptic collection, is such a great color. Soft, right on the border between light beige and soft cream, not at all translucent or even semisheer, and a soft but most definitely visible pale gold shimmer. (I think that the shimmer particles are very finely milled, which is why the gold shimmer is both so soft on the lids, and not really visible in the pot. Either way, it's a lovely effect.)

I also wanted to use Wizards Only, Fools - a really great raisinish purple-brown. I applied this shade to the outer upper lash line, using the end of my oval sable brush, and then blended slightly upward on the outer edge.


  • Black Radiance complexion perfection primer
  • L’Oreal studio secrets color correcting primer: chin, around nose and mouth, small bit on cheekbones
  • Missha Perfect Cover BB cream (#21)


  • Revlon Colorstay BalmStain, Charm

When I first tried Charm, I didn't think I'd use it very much. Then, when putting this look together, I decided that I didn't want a pink lip, but that nude was too...brown. So I reached for this pale peach balmstain. The color was almost too light! My lips kind of disappeared - which was what I thought would happen - but overall, this isn't a really great look for me unless I'm going to have more pronounced eyes and a tiny bit more color on my cheeks.

The earrings I'm wearing are from Claire's. Yes, there's a lot of questionable stuff at Claire's; and it's all costume jewelry; but every once in a while I'll find something that I haven't seen anywhere else, that interests me. These are longer lozenge-shapes, with angled chevrons inside. I picked these up on a card of three. (I liked two of the three designs, and they were on super-deep-discounted sale. Hey, twist my arm.) I've started enjoying wearing my earrings again. I've got a large-ish collection of earrings, some longer ones, some decorative hoops, some the fairly simple straightforward colored-glass-in-dark-metal studs, a few that I've found on Etsy.

Look for June 20


  • WnW Fergie primer
  • Femme Fatale’s Phantasm, inner 1/3
  • Femme Fatale’s Heroic, outer 2/3 to just above crease
  • Femme Fatale’s Spectral Fragments, outer half of my upper lash line
  • CoverGirl LashBlast Length mascara, upper lashes only
  • Stila Smudge Crayon in Smoke, brows

Phantasm is a pale lavender shimmer with extremely subtle purple and blue shimmer. It's not quite an interference color, because there is a base shade; but it's very very close. I used the tip (but not the edge) of the oval sable brush to put Phantasm on the inner 1/3 of my lids.

I followed up the pale purple with Femme Fatale's Heroic, a soft light apricot with blue interference highlights. Heroic has become one of my go-to colors, because it gives me a not-obvious color to wear alongside medium to deep liner or contour shadows. I swept Heroic along the rest of my lids, using short strokes for initial application than sweeping across the entire lid (to even out Heroic, and to blend Phantasm and Heroic together.)

I used elf's angled liner brush to pat Spectral Fragments (a deep dark purple) to the underside of my outer upper lash line. It gave me an effect almost like tightlining, but put a tiny bit of purple on the lid itself. I had to go back afterward and clean up underneath my eyes, because any fallout from a color as rich as Spectral Fragments is going to be VERY visible!

After everything was applied, I used a flat shadow brush to very lightly pat on Urban Decay's All-Nighter fixative. I wanted to make sure that the eyeshadow, and most importantly the liner shadow, stayed in place.


  • Black Radiance complexion perfection primer
  • L’Oreal studio secrets color correcting primer: chin, around nose and mouth
  • Missha Perfect Cover BB cream (#13 – ran out of my #21, and new tube hasn’t arrived. Plus it’s been cold and overcast.)
  • BareMinerals’ Secret blush

I've completely run out of my "summer-shade" BB Cream from Missha, and the new tube I ordered is still a few days away (thank goodness for postal tracking!!) so I used #13, milky beige. It's lighter, not quite "white" although I could probably get it to stay lighter if I applied it more heavily. (I don't. I'm fine with the shade it is.) If the weather was not rainy and overcast that week, I may have just opted to wear my remaining loose-powder makeup. And after the rush of the previous day, when I didn't remember that I'd forgotten to put on blush until after I was out the door and halfway to work (...oops...) I wore BareMinerals' Secret blush. It's a cooler softened lilac-mauve, which I can't really wear as easily in summer when I've got generally warmer clothes, a slightly (very slightly) darker complexion, and the sun makes the auburn in my hair that much warmer.


  • Revlon Colorstay BalmStain, Darling

Cool blush, cool lip color! Makes sense to me. Darling is halfway between a warm lilac, and a light, softened magenta-rose. If you've previously been put off by the cap or barrel color, don't worry - this is not a hard-and-fast purple shade. It's more of a cooler pink.

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