Lost in Makeupland’s Blush collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Lost in Makeupland
  • Availability: from the company's webstore
  • Description: 9 blushes (and counting, presumably...)
  • Cost/Amount: eyeshadows: $7 for 3.5 grams (10 gram jar) $1.50 for a sample baggie
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Lost in Makeupland’s Blush collection

I don’t know quite why, but I’ve gotten into blushes in a big way since I started my latest makeup-phase in 2007. I tend to gravitate toward eyeshadows first, but then if a company also sells loose-powder blushes and they look halfway interesting, I’ll try a few out. (Then usually if I like them I’ll get a few full-size.) Back when I first bought from Lost in Makeupland, there were only Alive and Exotic blushes. The collection has slowly expanded over time, adding shades in small groups, kind of at random times (that is, none of these were “released” with a particular collection like Nostalgia or Alice’s Chains.)

This collection contained:

  • Alive — sheer soft cool iridescent pink pearl
  • But I Like It — semisheer warm mauve rose shimmer
  • Enough — semisheer medium coral-pink sheen
  • Exotic — semisheer soft pinked peach shimmer
  • Golden Touch — sheer gilded peach duochrome shimmer
  • Peachy — sheer pale gilded peach shimmer
  • Say It Isn't So — semisheer deep cool pink duochrome shimmer
  • Shy — sheer warm baby pink shimmer
  • Sunburnt — semisheer coral-russet sheen

The two that I have not sampled - and probably won't, just because they don't look like colors I'd use a lot - are Peachy (too...peach) and Sunburnt (too orange and too dark for my coloring.) Of the others, I sampled Exotic and decided that while it was pretty, it was just a tiny bit too warm for me. My favorites are Golden Touch, But I Like It, and Say It Isn't So.

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