Makeup Revolution’s x Tammi Tropical Carnival palette review with swatches

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  • Manufacturer: Makeup Revolution
  • Availability: released in March 2019
  • Description: 18 eyeshadows
  • Cost/Amount: USD$15.00 for 2.0 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Makeup Revolution’s x Tammi Tropical Carnival palette

This is Tammi Clark’s second collaboration with Makeup Revolution: the first was Tropical Paradise, which is a range of colors but all a bit muted, to be more universally appealing. This one, though…this is the one that I prefer: Tropical Carnival. I picked it up this past summer when I was stressed by my parents’ health, my job, and several smaller things. I was so happy to see a palette of richer, bright-but-not-all-neon shades! (Both because I needed a pick-up, but because it seems like the past five years have given us more neutrals and “non-visible” makeup…and I’m a bold-and-bright kind of person.)

Some of these colors are labelled as “not eye safe”, and will cause staining on bare skin. So check the back of the palette and wear primer under any of the “non-eye-safe” colors, even if you normally don’t need an eye primer.

Update, January 4 2020: not yet confident with color? Tammi Ma href=“” target=“_blank”>arranged the palette so that all of the colors in a given row work together.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

The left half of this palette, showing nine colors: Calypso, Soka, Notting Hill, Spice Island, Navy, Bacchanal, Girleez, Destinee, and J'Ouvert The right half of this palette, showing nine colors: Spiced Rum, Greenz, Shortknee, Mas, Jab Jab, St. Catherine, Definitely, Trini, and Pink Panther Three colors, swatched: Calypso, Soka, and Notting Hill Three colors, swatched: Destinee, J'Ouvert, and Spice Island Three colors, swatched: Girleez, Bacchanal, and Navy Three colors, swatched: Spiced Rum, Greenz, and Shortknee Three colors, swatched: Trini, Pink Panther, and Mas Three colors, swatched: Definitely, St. Catherine, and Jab Jab

The gold, J’ouvert, reminds me of the yellow in my favorite eyeshadow palette I had in high school (a quad: a medium-deep pink, a medium purple, a gold-green that’s deeper than the yellow-green in this palette, and the yellow-gold.) My eye was also immediately drawn to the vivid teal and the bright magenta on the bottom row, and to the array of reds. This is definitely a visual pick-me up! Mas, the purpley-rose on the right edge, swatches differently than it appears in the pan; but most are fairly true to their appearance.

This is not a high-end or prestige-brand palette, so the shadows can kick up a bit of powder. I’ve had best success using elf’s Essential Smudge Brush to pick up the color and pat it on my lids before blending them out.

The colors actually have names in this one! This kit contains:

  • Bacchanal — medium-light turquoise matte
  • Calypso — light yellow-green pearl
  • Definitely — medium-light blue-green pearl
  • Destinee — medium violet pearl
  • Girleez — medium-deep fuchsia matte
  • Greenz — medium green shimmer
  • J’Ouvert — harvest-yellow matte
  • Jab Jab — deep charcoal pearl
  • Mas — medium-light pink matte
  • Navy — navy blue matte
  • Notting Hill — metallic gilded-orange shimmer
  • Pink Panther — medium rose matte
  • Shortknee — medium sapphire pearl
  • Spice Island — medium-deep orange matte
  • Spiced Rum — medium-deep red-orange pearl
  • Soka — medium-light violet with blue pearl
  • St. Catherine — medium green pearl
  • Trini — medium coral-rose matte

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