Meow Cosmetics’ Bitchy

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  • Manufacturer: Meow Cosmetics
  • Availability: from the webstore; released as part of the Cat Eyes collection
  • Color Range: soft pinked-peach matte
  • Cost/Amount: USD$10.25 for 2 grams; $7 for 1 gram; $1 for a sample baggie
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Meow Cosmetics’ Bitchy

I was looking for some more neutral mattes, and while I haven't always had the best luck with Meow's Cat Eyes shadows - they're more chalky than other companies' mattes, and don't really want to stay in place that well - I decided to pick up Bitchy and its slightly more gold-toned sibling Virgin.

Meow Cosmetics’ Bitchy

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