NYX Cosmetics’ Round Lipstick collection review

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  • Manufacturer: NYX Cosmetics (owned by L'Oréal)
  • Availability: part of the regular line; available drugstores and midrange "all-in-one" stores (Ulta, CVS, Rite-Aid, Fred Meyer, Target, Kohl's, et cetera) also through various etailers (cherryculture.com, beautyjoint.com)
  • Description: 140+ lipstick colors (and counting)
  • Cost/Amount: USD$4.50 for .14 ounces / 4 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes - but only from etailers, because the tubes aren't sealed
NYX Cosmetics’ Round Lipstick collection

These have been around for quite some time - I don’t even know how long NYX Cosmetics has been in business, nor how long their Round Lipstick collection has been out. I first tried these after seeing some swatches on Phyrra’s blog…and then I went looking for other swatches, and placed an order with Cherry Culture. I did see an NYX display at my nearby drugstore, but also noticed that while there were testers for these lipsticks (which is something that I never ever saw at any of the Revlon Colorburst displays, before or after the packaging-change), none of the lipsticks were sealed. This makes me a bit leery about buying from a physical store. I’d rather purchase from an etailer, because fewer people will have handled the item. I don’t have nightmare visions of the folks packing and processing the orders trying out the products…but one never knows what teenage girls (or some women who Really Should Know Better) will do to unsealed drugstore makeup.

These shades cover the entire spectrum: pale, soft, natural, bright, bold, vampy, nude, naturalistic, deep; brown, purple, red, orange, yellow, even some silvers, greys, and near-blacks. The colors that I either bought or am eyeballing are:

  • Aphrodite — plum taupe creme
  • B52 — dusty mauve creme
  • Chloe — fuchsia creme
  • Eucalyptus — medium hot-pink creme
  • Frosted Beige — coral-beige shimmer
  • Fusion — berry-fuchsia shimmer
  • Galaxy — pinked taupe shimmer
  • Georgia — coral-rose shimmer
  • Helio — sheer silver-white shimmer
  • Iced Honey — warm honey-brown shimmer
  • Indian Pink — coral-pink with gold shimmer
  • Iris — pale rose-peach sheen
  • Jupiter — bubblegum-pink creme
  • Lala — lavender-mauve creme
  • Louisiana — fuchsia-rose creme
  • Mute — pale gold shimmer
  • Peach — brassy red shimmer
  • Power — lilac-pink creme
  • Saturn — warm muted raspberry shimmer
  • Thalia — tauped pink creme
  • Watermelon — melon-berry shimmer

The color representations on Cherry Culture are atrocious. They bear a tiny bit of resemblance to reality, in that they'll show you whether a lip color is a red, a purple, a brown, or a gold...in broadest terms. Luckily, with all the beauty blogs that have swatched these lipsticks, it's fairly easy to see if a particular color actually interests you. Cherry Culture's site seems to also have a few instances of creative spelling: swapped letters ("Chole" instead of "Chloe"), missing letters ("Euclyptus" instead of "Eucalyptus"), and an outright "what the *!$^%" (Syclia, which I'm guessing should have been "Scylla"). BeautyJoint.com also has a few spelling errors - "Chirce"? - but they have photos of the bottoms of the tubes. You still don't get a good idea if a color is a creme or a frost, but you do get a better idea of what the color looks like.

The few that I've tried so far have been very creamy and apply easily. Other blogs have made comments about this or that particular shade being difficult to work with - one, in particular, called out Harmony, which she had to apply with a brush. I don't know if that was necessary because of the consistency, or because of the color intensity. While they are extremely creamy, the color doesn't last very long. It also has a tendency to migrate a lot, even if you're not eating or drinking...just talking. The first time I wore Indian Pink, I checked in the mirror about two hours afterward and the color had collected in a line of coral-gold shimmer right where my lips met. Then again, if you buy it from the various etailers, it's about $2 a tube...so you're not exactly paying for all-day wear.

I have looked at the Black Label lipsticks, but have had the most difficult time finding swatches of them. It doesn't help much that there are some shades between the Round and Black Label lipsticks that share the same name. I wish I had the money to just buy up a goodly chunk of the Black Label lipsticks and give them a proper swatching; but they've got almost as many colors in that collection as they do in the Round collection. Plus...what would I do with all of those shades?!??

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