Rainbow Minerals’ Pearl Beige

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  • Manufacturer: Rainbow Minerals
  • Availability: from their Ebay storefront (when it was active)
  • Color Range: golden tan pearl
  • Cost/Amount: approximately $3 for 1.2 grams
  • Would you purchase again: no
  • Similar shades: BareMinerals' Antique Pearl, BareMinerals' Ta-dah
Rainbow Minerals’ Pearl Beige

Another color that I bought a long time ago (back in 2008, actually) and…forgot to photograph. This shade is very similar to Antique Pearl, but more pigmented and has a smoother finish. The shade is defnitely a golden-peach tan, a warm neutral shade - if you have brown or blue eyes, this will look very soft and attractive. Hazel and green eyes may not be so complemented, though.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

A montage of three images: top left, close-up of the eyeshadow in the pot; top right, the eyeshadow mixed with water and applied to bare skin; bottom left, the eyeshadow applied dry over primer.

The shadow adds a little bit of color, but the biggest impact is with its pearl finish. That's pretty much the same as Scented Candles, Antique Pearl, and Ta-Dah - the pearl finish brightens the eye, and unless the color clashes strongly with your skintone, it's the pearl finish that can be the most noticeable. On deeper skintones, the color will show more; but the pearl finish is still very strong and may be more prominent than the shade itself.

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