Random assorted Zoyas

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  • Manufacturer: Zoya/Art of Beauty
  • Availability: through the webstore and salon retailers
  • Cost/Amount: USD$ per bottle
  • Would you buy these colors again? yes
Random assorted Zoyas

When Zoya’s collections have come out, I’ve liked three or four colors, or none - with a few exceptions. These colors were the sole shades from their respective collections that I wanted to purchase, and I bought them individually, rather than as part of a kit or set. (And over time, as I’ve gotten more of the older Zoyas, I’ve put up more of the regular collection profiles with the colors I’ve bought…and this list has shrunk quite a bit, from 17 polishes down to…five.)

  • Clementime
  • LA Pop — clear with iridescent green microglitter (part of the Glamsicles collection with Manhattan Mixer, OC Cooler, Soho Punch, South Beach Ice, and Vegas Freeze)
  • Mirajane — (part of the Ultrabrights collection with Bisca, Cana, Erza, Evergreen, and Juvia)
  • Prim — medium-deep periwinkle-blue shimmer (part of the Holiday Wishes 2014 collection with Haven, Imogen, Nori, Thea, and Willa)
  • River — (part of the collection with Arbor, Byrdie, Cora, Esty, Journey, Lois, Mandy, Sawyer, Scout, Sonja, and Winnie)
  • Saint — medium-light blue metallic with pink duotone interference (part of the Enchanted collection with Alice, Elphie, Lorna, Olivera, and Waverly)

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