Review: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

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  • Company name: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics
  • Presence: online storefront only (Etsy)
  • Products: eyeshadows
  • High points: good quality for the price; multiple product sizes; multi-item discounts; -=really=- cool jars
  • Low points: small inventory; currently only sells one type of product
  • Would I buy from them again: yes

I got interested in this company because of a review that Sirvinya did. She posted some lovely colors, but what lead me to investigate further was...wait for it...the packaging.

Anyone who's been reading this blog for a while knows how absolutely skewball that sounds. Not only do I traditionally not care about packaging, I repot all of my loose powder products so I don't even ever keep any packaging! Still...this intrigued me. Each full-size jar is a triangular jar with a label on two sides, and the third left free so that you can easily see the color. All of the labels are different for each color. Not just different color palettes, but different images. The art style, coupled with the unique jar shape, hit all the right buttons in my brain...and I had to go check this Etsy store out. (I'm still working on a good way to display the empty jars. They're that visually interesting.)

Review: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

The Store / The Site

Your standard Etsy storefront, nothing wildly unique about that. As of this review, there aren't different collections of colors, so you can browse the categories by "everything" or "vegan" - and that's about it. Each of the colors has a very nicely-staged photo of the jar with a tiny "pile" of the product, all three sides of the jar (three jars each displaying a different side,) a swatch photo, and the shadow on the eye. The photos are well staged, and every product has the same four photos.

Each product description includes the shade, some "copy" text, whether or not the product is vegan, the ingredients, and what areas the given product is safe for (eyes, face, lips, or any combination of the three).

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