Shiro Cosmetics’ A Collection of Calamitous Cosmetics collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Shiro Cosmetics
  • Availability: beginning January 2017 from the webstore
  • Description: 13 eye colors and 1 face color
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6.00 for 2 gram shadows. No samples available
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Shiro Cosmetics’ A Collection of Calamitous Cosmetics collection

This color palette didn’t really interest me too much when it originally came out, but good neutrals are great additions to any collection, and Shiro makes some of the best eyeshadows I’ve ever tried. So eventually, I bought myself a sample set and started swatching.

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Shiro Cosmetics’ A Collection of Calamitous Cosmetics collection

Most of these are matte shadows, though there are a few shimmers. They're also not strictly as neutral as I first thought they were, but the are less colorful than, say, the Tributes or the There and Back Again collections. Many of these shades are faded or warmer...possibly that contributed to it not standing out in my memory? At any rate, the mattes don't love mixing with water. All of them have good color payoff. They're just a bit hydrophobic.

This collection contained:

  • A Small Safe Place in a Troubling World
  • Darling Dearest Dead
  • Friends of a Foe
  • Gears and Levers
  • It's a Misnomer!
  • Less Useful Than a Jar of Mustard
  • Pietrisycamollaviadelriechiotemexity
  • Self-Congratulatory Nonsense and Despicable Insults
  • Sometimes Words Are Not Enough
  • There Are Secrets Everywhere
  • Two Triplets
  • Very Bad News
  • We Can Find Out Anything
  • Vessel for Disaccharides

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