Shiro Cosmetics’ This Is Halloween collection review

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Shiro Cosmetics’ This Is Halloween collection

Another indie Halloween offering - available as a whole collection or as individual colors, so if you only want one or two you can get them. Shiro also gives you lots of other options: all full sizes; fullsize eyeshadows and mini lipgloss; mini eyeshadows and fullsize lipgloss; or all minis. The colors are an autumnal palette, but no black. There is an orange-ish red, a brown, a cream/white, and a grey-green. The artwork and names are all inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas! Caitlin was enthusing online about the lip gloss, the first of a new line: it’s lightly scented, chocolate pumpkin cheesecake, and while it is a gloss, it’s semisheer, but it does build up to full coverage fairly easily.

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Shiro Cosmetics’ This Is Halloween collection

This collection contained:

  • 2013 Graveyard Blend — dark charcoal-brown with sparse multicolored shimmer (added in 2013)
  • Finkelstein — semisheer greyed cream with faint blue-green shimmer
  • Oogie Boogie — medium-dark spruce green shimmer
  • Pumpkin King — blackened copper-brown sparkle
  • Ragdoll — faded rust with lavender-blue shimmer (lip-safe)
  • Two Faced — rust-orange shimmer (added in 2013)
  • Zero — pale pink-white iridescent shimmer (added in 2013)
  • This Is Halloween (lip balm) — warm orange-red shimmer, chocolate pumpkin cheesecake flavor

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