Silk Naturals’ Fall 2010 eyeshadows

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  • Manufacturer: Silk Naturals
  • Availability: beginning August 2010 through the webstore
  • Contains: 7 eyeshadows
  • Cost/Amount: USD$4.50 for 75 teaspoon
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Silk Naturals’ Fall 2010 eyeshadows

Also called “the Tweeds collection” by some bloggers - but I can only find two named tweed patterns, Harris and Donegal. The colors are mostly neutrals, and are often heathered - which makes sense, since tweeds contain chevrons, checks, or herringbone patterns so small and closely spaced that the overall color, at a distance, appears to be a heathered shade. I bought Regent and York by themselves, as part of my first purchases from Silk Naturals. By the time I got around to reviewing this collection, Inverness had been discontinued.

Silk Naturals’ Fall 2010 eyeshadows Silk Naturals' Bailey Silk Naturals' Bristol Silk Naturals' Harris Silk Naturals' Regent Silk Naturals' York

This collection contained:

  • Bailey — tanned peach satin
  • Berwick — bronzed blued purple shimmer
  • Bristol — cream-tan satin
  • Harris — medium-deep gilded bronze shimmer
  • Inverness — pinked lilac shimmer
  • Regent — slate-moss shimmer
  • York — cool soft grey satin

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