Silk Naturals’ Fall 2011 eyeshadows

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  • Manufacturer: Silk Naturals
  • Availability: beginning October 2011 through the webstore
  • Contains: 25 eyeshadows
  • Cost/Amount: USD$4.50 for 75 teaspoon
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Silk Naturals’ Fall 2011 eyeshadows

Lots of shadows in this collection - many browns or brown-green tones, but a few more intense pops of blue. The overall theme seems to be cars and/or driving…though I’m not sure how shadow names like Kingfisher and Magpie fit in there. It’s nice to see a mix of finishes and opacities, and I very much appreciate how Silk Naturals spells out the color depth and shadow opacity for every shade. It’s a more reliable clue than the color descriptions - which are pretty good on Silk Naturals’ site, compared to other sites (both big-name/corporate and indie-microbusiness.)

This collection contained:

  • 4matic — metallic cool gold shimmer
  • Burnout — deep maroon shimmer
  • Checkered — soft yellow pearl
  • Chicane — medium warm purple shimmer
  • Clutch — semisheer bronzed magenta-red shimmer
  • Custom — semisheer magenta-red shimmer
  • Ether — semisheer lavender shimmer
  • Fierce — gilded peach pearl
  • Fusion — semisheer plum-red-tan shimmer
  • Glory — semisheer golden taupe shimmer
  • Hairpin — medium warm brown shimmer
  • Heat — metallic copper-orange shimmer
  • In Gear — deep olive shimmer
  • Jump — dusty lilac shimmer
  • Kickstart — purple-green pewter shimmer
  • Kingfisher — metallic medium-deep teal shimmer
  • Magpie — semisheer gilded light blue shimmer
  • Model — semisheer peach-pink duotone shimmer
  • Momentum — semisheer gilded green shimmer
  • Nebula — semisheer teal-blue shimmer
  • Nighthawk — gilded black pearl
  • Phantom — semisheer gilded pink shimmer
  • Rogue — blackened green-teal shimmer
  • Spoiler — greened bronze shimmer
  • Touring — semisheer gilded bronze shimmer

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