Silk Naturals’ Giggle review

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  • Manufacturer: Silk Naturals
  • Availability: part of the regular line; released in the Spring 2012 collection
  • Description: lignt buff-pink shimmer
  • Cost/Amount: USD$4 for 0.75 teaspoon
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Silk Naturals’ Giggle

This is a lighter pink, but it's definitely not pale or semi-sheer. There's really solid color payoff in this one. (I'd love to see this swatched on deeper skintones - I think it would show up very well!) My one and only gripe with this color is its consistency. It tends to clump and bunch a bit no matter how I apply or what mixing medium I use, and I have to use a dry soft brush to gently get rid of the excess. It's not a LOT of excess, but it's just enough that, throughout the day, the excess-bits will fall away and come to rest on my lashes and upper cheeks. And that just looks odd.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

A montage of three images: top left, close-up of the eyeshadow in the pot; top right, the eyeshadow mixed with water and applied to bare skin; bottom left, the eyeshadow applied dry over primer.

This is similar to BE's Sincerely Angela, without the faint green pearlesque top layer. (And with slightly better color payoff.) I've used this as an inner-vee and an all-over shade. It's a bit too pigmented to use as a browbone-highlighter color…I think. (I may be wrong on that.)

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