Tarte Cosmetics’ Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler review

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  • Manufacturer: Tarte Cosmetics
  • Availability: available through the webstore
  • Description: gold-tone metal with purple handles
  • Cost/Amount: USD$20.00
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Tarte Cosmetics’ Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler

I first bought this back in 2009. I hadn’t regularly used eyelash curlers before that point because I had too many incidents of accidentally ripping out my own lashes when my hand would slip on the grips. Not to mention pinching my eyelids or the skin behind my eyes while trying to get as close to the roots of my lashes as possible…well, eyelash curling just didn’t impress me as something I really wanted to keep doing. (I gifted a friend a Tarte eyelash curler in 2013, and she called it a “medieval torture device”...and I can see her point.) The Tarte eyelash curler doesn’t pinch nearly as often, gives my lashes the amount of curl that I want, and is easier to hold and work with, than the lash curlers that I’ve previously tried using.

The two things about this eyelash curler that stood out to me were the pads and the handles. The handles are wider and curved, so it’s easier to hold the curler steady. The curler is less likely to slip or turn when you’ve got it clamped shut on your lashes. Most lash curlers just have simpler, thinner loops of metal that you put your fingers into. They’re prone to slipping or twisting. The pad is a softer silicone cushion rather than a firm rubberish strip. This means that while the curlers do curl, they’re less likely to give you a sharp crease.

Over the years, Tarte has released umpty-dozen “limited edition” special versions of this tool: colors, special designs on the handles, beaded and glitter-encrusted handles, and most recently, multichrome-colored mermaid-tail handles. At some point it was possible to buy the lash curler by itself instead of only as part of a mini-kit. Tarte also sold replacement pads - which, as of 2018, they no longer do. I did a little research and bought Tweezerman refill pads - the price for a 3-pack is pretty good, and they’re fairly good quality.

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