The SheSpace’s Astrology - Cancer collection

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Cancer’s colors are silver and pearl, or “anything having to do with the moon” and the stars - so this collection included a few other color-bases with pearlescent and silvered effects added. (I like it when collections do that. More selection for me, but also a better chance that the collection will contain at least one color for everyone.)

The SheSpace’s Astrology - Cancer collection

This collection contained:

  • Celestial Glow — charcoal berry sparkle
  • Crazy for Crabs — iridescent navy plum sparkle
  • Crystal Wind — iridescent nude bisque sparkle
  • Defied Certainty — sunshine gold shimmer
  • Drops of Moonstones — silver pearl shimmer
  • Dusted Blues — smokey metallic navy sparkle
  • Eerie Echo — soft silver-coal shimmer
  • Haunted Moon — midnight blue sparkle
  • Illusion — night-sky blue sparkle
  • Pearl World — icy pearl shimmer
  • Ribbons of Rainbows — denim blue sparkle
  • Shutter — metallic berry-blue shimmer

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