The SheSpace’s Astrology - Pisces collection review

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  • Manufacturer: The She Space / About Face Cosmetics
  • Availability: beginning February 19, 2009 through TSS' online storefront
  • Contains: 12 mineral eyeshadow colors and 6 lip balms
  • Cost/Amount: entire collection, fullsize jars: $52; entire collection, samples: $6; individual samples $.50, individual colors $4.50 for a full 3-gram jar (no sifter)
  • Would you purchase again: yes
The SheSpace’s Astrology - Pisces collection

Pisces’ main associated color is sea foam green. Rather than have another fairly monochrome collection, Heather chose to do all colors found in fish scales - iridescent and flashing blues, greens, purples. The eyecolors were sheerer than the normal run of TSS shadows, a bit similar to the Put It On Ice collection in terms of pigment intensity. These were more like colored glazes with iridescence and sparkle. (Or, to pull the oceanic analogy one bit further: faceted seaglass.) This collection included 12 eyeshadows and 6 lip balms.

The eyecolors were:

These swatches have been "powerloaded" to give you a better idea of the different base colors. The colors are perhaps 2/3 or half as strong as they appear in these swatches unless they're heavily applied.

The lip balms were:

  • Chaotic Whimsy — rose berry mauve
  • Dollface — perfect mauve
  • Instant Pretty — bubble gum pink
  • Lay One On Me — berry rose mauve
  • Movie Star — cool cinammon berry red
  • Pucker than Peck — cool rose mauve
  • Smoochie Smooch — cinnamon rose

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