The SheSpace’s Storypeople collection

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  • Manufacturer: The She Space / About Face Cosmetics
  • Availability: limited edition - late January 2009 through February 13, 2009 through TSS' online storefront
  • Contains: 20 bright, highly pigmented mineral powder colors
  • Cost/Amount: entire collection, fullsize jars: $87; entire collection, samples: $10; individual samples $.50, individual colors $4.50 for a full 3-gram jar (no sifter)
  • Would you purchase again: yes - about half of the colors
The SheSpace’s Storypeople collection

Introduced in late January 2009, this collection was inspired by the artwork of Brian Andreas and named after his art line and site, “Storypeople”. Heather, the self-described color junkie and “mad scientist” behind TSS/About Face Cosmetics, describes Andreas’ art as “kind of like what it looks like in my head at any given moment” and this collection as “one of my brightest and boldest collection to date….but don’t panic….there is something for everybody and the colors are completely wearable! The holidays have ended and the lull sometimes gets the best of me while I am waiting for Spring to arrive, so it just feels like the right time to inject a bold amount of color into the world and see if it sticks!” With all the neutrals that were coming in the various kits from other big-name companies, and the accompanying bad weather that winter, this bright colorful collection really struck a chord. (Many people, myself included, kept the page open in our browsers just to see the bright colors and get a little emotional lift.)

The colors included were:

  • Barefoot Is Bliss — periwinkle blue shimmer
  • Basking In Sunshine — simmering tangerine pearl
  • Delicious Adventure — salmon melon shimmer
  • Experience Everything — smoky raisin navy blue
  • Fairies Are Freaking — rich aqua-baby blue pearl
  • Feathers and Crayons — aqua with hints of turquoise
  • Filling In Blanks — indigo blue pearl
  • Leprechaun Scandal — lemon lime green pearl
  • Living With Flowers — shimmering lime with a hint of turquoise
  • Lured By Life — blend of periwinkle and grape shimmer
  • Monsters Mean Nothing — golden lemon velvet with a hint of bronze
  • Necessary Laughter — sunset lemon with a bronze halo
  • Silly Rabbit — deep plum raisin shimmer
  • Stories of Glory — lemon yellow pearl
  • Take A You Day — rich purple wine shimmer
  • The World Needs You — melon and magenta rolled into one shimmer
  • Unicorns In Love — bright metallic purple berry shimmer
  • Vampires Tap Dancing — intense melon berry shimmer with hints of hot pink
  • Watching For Turtles — rich shimmering kelly green with a hint of blue
  • Whimsical Destiny — lemon orange with traces of pumpkin

I only bought about half the colors in this collection - the ones with stars are the ones I purchased. I'm not sorry that I didn't purchase all the colors in this kit, because some of them (Leprechaun Scandal in particular) would not have looked good on me no matter how creative I got. I also have a plethora of purples, so was selective in the ones I chose. I am thoroughly in love with the eleven colors from this collection that I did purchase, though, and if given a chance, would purchase these colors again. There are two colors that I decided against (in the interests of staying inside my budget) that, if I had the funds and the opportunity, I would get in fullsize jars: Fairies are Freaking and Living With Flowers.

In brief, think of Bare Escentuals' Destination Ensenada kit. Now add more colors to that kit, and make the colors richer and more pigmented. Now as a bonus, make the colors cost less per gram, and have a much cooler description. And there you go.

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