TKB Trading’s Basic Colors #2 collection review with swatches

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  • Manufacturer: TKB Trading
  • Availability: from the webstore
  • Description: 9 mica colorants
  • Cost/Amount: USD$12.60
  • Would you purchase again: yes
TKB Trading’s Basic Colors #2 collection

Nine mica colorants grouped together because they’re a solid “starter” set for someone making their own makeup or soap or other crafts that use colorants. Most of these are pretty saturated - even Lucky, a lighter shade.

My question about this collection is…whatever happened to Basic Colors #1? I can’t find any mention of such a collection anywhere, though - as far as I know - not too many other blogs write up the various TKB colorant collections.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Three eyeshadows, swatched: Blackstar Red, Deep Blue, and Emerald Three eyeshadows, swatched: Lucky, Patagonian Purple, and Passion Orange Three eyeshadows, swatched: True Blue, True Red Orange, and True Yellow

This collection contained:

  • Blackstar Red
  • Deep Blue
  • Emerald
  • Lucky Green
  • Passion Orange
  • Patagonian Purple
  • True Blue
  • True Red Orange
  • True Yellow

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