Zoya’s Jewels collection

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  • Manufacturer: Zoya/Art of Beauty
  • Availability: unknown release date (do you know? leave a comment) through the webstore and salon retailers
  • Contains: 6 nail colors
  • Cost/Amount: $36.00$48.00
  • Would you purchase again: not the whole kit; but individual colors, yes
Zoya’s Jewels collection

I’m not quite sure why this color was called “Jewels”, or now the colors or the names run together to form a theme…but there must be something in there somewhere. I have only three shades from this collection, and I’ve gotten the spoons for the other shades…and confirmed: yep, they are Not My Thing. I originally just got Jinx, because I was looking for some semi-neutral shades that weren’t simply bland, or sheer. Then I got Ruby, because I wanted to get some more true reds. I’ve also got Faith, because of the rich red and the duochrome. The semisheer bit had me a little uneasy, but I got the spoon and saw that it could build, or I could use it over red cremes and use Faith as the sheer color- and duochrome-wash topcoat. I have a few opacity-3 polishes and like them, but I can most easily use them as layering polishes…and I want an opaque version of Faith.

This collection contained:

  • Faith — semisheer metallic crimson copper duochrome shimmer
  • Gia — "pinup" orange-red creme
  • Jinx — metallic copper-brown shimmer
  • Ruby — metallic ruby-red shimmer
  • Sophie — terracotta brown creme
  • Star — metallic dark orchid pink shimmer

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