Aromaleigh v1’s Elemental Lusters collection

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  • Manufacturer: Aromaleigh
  • Availability: part of the regular line
  • Availability: beginning January 2009 from the company's webstore
  • Contains: 26 metallic eye colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$8.00 for 1.2 grams. Sample baggies also available.
  • Would you purchase again: yes, some of the colors
Aromaleigh v1’s Elemental Lusters collection

The first color I ordered from this set, Blaze, had a sooty undertone…which some love, and I dislike. This was one of my first orders placed with Aromaleigh, and it put me off of ordering anything from this collection for a good long time. Then someone else swatched the (almost) entire collection for me, I clearly saw which colors had that blackened base and which did not, and I was a bit more comfortable about ordering some of these colors. (It also helped to see what they looked like swatched on the skin.)

Aromaleigh v1’s Elemental Lusters collection Collection: Aromaleigh v1's Elemental Lusters Collection: Aromaleigh v1's Elemental Lusters

This collection contained:

  • Abyss — metallic deep teal blue shimmer
  • Alloy — metallic silvered olive shimmer
  • Ardent — metallic golden mocha shimmer
  • Astonish — metallic silver-gold shimmer
  • Awe — metallic golden tan shimmer
  • Blast — metallic shimmer
  • Blaze — metallic blackened terracotta shimmer
  • Crucible — metallic blackened shimmer
  • Ego — metallic khaki gold shimmer
  • Entangle — metallic cocoa pearl shimmer
  • Flash — metallic bordeaux mocha shimmer
  • Fraud — metallic rich bronze shimmer
  • Fume — metallic bright silver shimmer
  • Gleam — metallic pure gold shimmer
  • Infidel — metallic silvery blue shimmer
  • Mutiny — metallic rich golden-brown shimmer
  • Psyche — metallic silvered taupe shimmer
  • Pyro — metallic cinnamon shimmer
  • Seethe — metallic chocolate bronze shimmer
  • Spark — metallic honey mocha shimmer
  • Startle — metallic gilded silver shimmer
  • Swank — metallic navy-indigo shimmer
  • Torment — metallic shimmer
  • Torrid — metallic blackened burgundy shimmer
  • Underworld — metallic smoked indigo shimmer
  • Wonder — metallic heathered ruby-mauve shimmer

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