Aromaleigh v2’s Fall Tapestry collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Aromaleigh v2
  • Availability: beginning mid-October 2011 through the webstore
  • Contains: sixteen eyeshadows
  • Cost/Amount: USD$7 for 1.2 grams. Sample baggies also available. Entire sample collection available for $16.
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Aromaleigh v2’s Fall Tapestry collection

A few bloggers called it: Aromaleigh would be back, in some form. And indeed, the brand is back, with the former proprietor as the new creative director and with others handling the day-to-day operations (presumably) and (again, presumably) customer service. For folks who depended on Aromaleigh v1’s foundations, this is a huge relief. For those of us who get our foundations elsewhere but still remember the blushes, eyeshadows, and color corrector powders with great fondness…this is a Pretty Good Thing. (Our respective wallets may disagree.) This is the first collection from Aromaleigh v2, with colors inspired by what’s on the 2011 fall runway.

This collection contained:

  • Alexis — medium cool slate blue shimmer
  • Alberta — metallic cinnamon copper shimmer
  • Alice — medium-deep cement taupe shimmer
  • Betsey — gold frost
  • Carolina — deep brown-red with blue-green shimmer
  • Celine — copper rose shimmer
  • Donna — medium-deep warm chestnut shimmer
  • Elie — medium indigo shimmer
  • Grazia — bright jade green shimmer
  • Marni — metallic emerald shimmer
  • Miuccia — light sand-taupe with aqua duochrome shimmer
  • Nina — coral pink shimmer
  • Rebecca — metallic golden copper-brown shimmer
  • Sonia — deep periwinkle-blue shimmer
  • Tracy — medium cement-taupe with blue shimmer
  • Vera — cool green-grey shimmer

I've already placed my order! I've bought about half the colors: Alexis, Betsey, Carolina, Donna, Grazia, Marni, Miuccia, Nina, Tracy, and Vera. And I'm debating looping back for Celine. I think I need a twelve-step program.

Edit, one week later: the only colors I don't own from this collection are Alberta, Alice, Rebecca, and Sonia. (And I'm debating going back for Sonia. My favorite colors are Miuccia, Celine, and Donna. Miuccia is a gorgeous cement-fawn-based aqua duochrome. Celine is nominally a gold, but it's got pink overtones to it that are really amazing. Donna reminds me of a browner, vampier version of Zoya's Faye: it's got the purple with the gold duochrome overtones. It isn't what one might expect from the photos, "inspiration" pic, or description...but it truly is lovely. Once I received the colors, I was personally least in love with Grazia - not because it isn't attractive, but because it coordinates least well with my hair / eye / skintone. The yellow tones are just a tiny bit too fronted to work really easily with my cool coloring.. It's pretty, though, and I'm sure I can find ways to use it effectively. Another color that is going to be a personal challenge for me is Tracy - which I love because of the combination, but am not 100% sure how best to use it. Tracy has more of a brown undertone, while Miuccia has a peach-taupe base color; and Tracy's duochrome color looks about the same as Miuccia's, but the combination just seems to work a little better in Miuccia than in Tracy (for me, at least. Depending on your preferences and your coloring, your mileage may vary.) I like Tracy, and the base color works very well for me, so I just have to learn how to use the combined color to its best advantage.

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