BH Cosmetics’ Birthstones palettes review with swatches and photos

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  • Manufacturer: BH Cosmetics
  • Availability: released monthly in 2021
  • Description: twelve 7-color eyeshadow palettes
  • Cost/Amount: USD$9.00 per palette
  • Would you purchase again: yes
BH Cosmetics’ Birthstones palettes

I first saw the Amethyst palette profiled on a Youtube channel and thought it looked interesting. I’d never tried anything from BH Cosmetics before, and these compact palettes seemed like an interesting way to get to know the brand. One palette was released each month through 2021, themed around the month’s birthstone. Each palette has a mirror, one larger shimmer shade, and six other shades: one pressed glitter (ugh) and the others a mix of matte and shimmer finishes. I bought five: Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Citrine.

The mattes are decently pigmented, though I had to layer them a bit while swatching to get even color laydown and they can be a little dusty. The shimmers behave better, though they’re not as easy for me to blend. I am not fond of the sparkles or glitters, because of both the texture and uneven application. And, in what seems to be the new normal, there is no warning that the pressed glitters probably should not be used near the eye. They’re also on the drier, flakier side. I intend to dig those out of the palettes so that the glitter doesn’t eventually come loose and migrate about into the other colors.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Amethyst palette: The entire palette. Amethyst palette: Four eyeshadows, swatched: Two eyeshadows and one face color, swatched: Emerald palette: The entire palette. Emerald palette: Four eyeshadows, swatched: Emerald palette: Two eyeshadows and one face color, swatched: Ruby palette: The entire palette. Ruby palette: Four eyeshadows, swatched: Ruby palette: Two eyeshadows and one face color, swatched: Sapphire palette: The entire palette. Sapphire palette: Four eyeshadows, swatched: Sapphire palette: Two eyeshadows and one face color, swatched: Citrine palette: The entire palette.

This collection contained:

  • Garnet (January) — deeper reds, browns, and light creams
  • Amethyst (February) — medium-deep purples, mauves, and roses
  • Aquamarine (March) — medium-light to light blues and neutrals
  • Diamond (April) — whites, greys, and peach-tans
  • Emerald (May) — deeper greens, browns, and orange-gold
  • Pearl (June) — medium-deep coppers, medium-light peaches, and whites
  • Ruby (July) — medium reds, browns, and yellow
  • Peridot (August) — a range of greens and oranges
  • Sapphire (September) — purples, blues, and greens
  • Opal (October) — glowing pink, blue, green, and white
  • Citrine (November) — bronzes, coppers, and ambers
  • Turquoise (December) — medium-light blues, golds, and peaches

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