Dance Monkey Mondays

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Dance Monkey Mondays

In October 2010, I announced that I was letting visitors dictate my color combinations for Mondays. Just choose up to three colors (one-year-eyecolor-challenge listing, photo gallery), list them in the comments here, and I'll wear that combination the next Monday. This may become a regular feature, so look through my collection and figure out what colors you'd like me to try! I'll try posting more of a tutorial on Mondays, too, so you can replicate the look if you wish. (Though more confident / experienced makeup fiends may choose to interpret and modify, rather than replicate. I'd be interested to see those, too!!)

I'll list all the combinations here; and when I've done that look, I'll link to it so that folks can find them all.

The Dance Card

  • AL's Vampira and AL's Luster (suggested by Phyrra): The Vampire's Fever-Dream
  • AL's Pillow Talk and AL's Oyster (suggested by Phyrra): First Frost(bite)
  • BE's Pinot Noir and EDM's Swing Set (suggested by Galen): Hearts' Set
  • Shiro's Manectric, AL's Annysia, and AL's Kiss (suggested by emac059): Too Early For Spring
  • Shiro's Rapidash and Shiro's S.S. Anne (suggested by Galen)
  • AL's Annysia, AL's Tamarind, and Shiro's Garandorf (suggested by emac059)
  • red and metallic bronze (suggested by Phyrra)
  • AL's Velvetgoldmine and AL's Coppelia (suggested by Quiara)

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