NYX Cosmetics’ Jumbo Eye Pencil collection

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  • Manufacturer: NYX Cosmetics
  • Availability: permanent through drugstores and midrange "all-in-one" stores (Ulta, CVS, Rite-Aid, Fred Meyer, et cetera) also through various etailers (ie, cherryculture.com, beautyjoint.com)
  • Contains: 28 eye pencils
  • Cost/Amount: USD$4.50 for .14 ounces / 4 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes
NYX Cosmetics’ Jumbo Eye Pencil collection

These pencils are inexpensive, and you kind of get what you pay for. They apply smoothly enough, no tugging (at least not with the ones I have), and with one exception, they’re not supersheer. But the metallic shades go on a bit patchy, and without a primer these will migrate or collect in the crease of my eyelid after about 30 minutes. Still, for something to pop in your purse or suitcase, they work fairly well. While NYX claims that the pencil could be used for lining, the pencil points are so wide that you’d either have to sharpen them to a fine point or use a liner brush to apply the color.

This collection contained:

  • Baby Blue — pale sky-blue creme
  • Black Bean — solid black creme
  • Bronze — metallic orange-bronze shimmer
  • Cherry — candy-apple red creme
  • Cottage Cheese — off-white frost
  • Dark Brown — brown-black creme
  • Electric Blue — bright turquoise creme
  • French Fries — metallic mid-brown shimmer
  • Gold — metallic antique gold shimmer
  • Horseradish — medium green shimmer
  • Hot Pink — hot pink creme
  • Iced Mocha — metallic pale gold-brown shimmer
  • Lavender — pale lilac creme
  • Lime — light yellow-green creme
  • Milk — bright white creme
  • Orange — lush orange creme
  • Oyster — semisheer ultraviolet sheen
  • Pacific — periwinkle blue creme
  • Pots and Pans — metallic pewter shimmer
  • Pure Gold — metallic yellow-gold shimmer
  • Purple — metallic indigo-violet shimmer
  • Purple Velvet — violet shimmer
  • Rocky Mountain Green — emerald green creme
  • Rust — metallic red-brown shimmer
  • Slate — blue-grey shimmer
  • Strawberry Milk — medium pink creme
  • Yellow — sun-yellow creme
  • Yogurt — light pinked-tan shimmer

For whatever reason, most stores that carry these don't carry the Hot Pink or Cherry. I've checked a couple of Ultas, two Fred Meyers, and the local regional-chain drugstore - and while they've got the blues, the purples, the nudes, the greens...they don't have Hot Pink or Cherry. They don't even have spaces set aside for either of those two colors. I can only guess that they think there won't be any demand for them. (Which is annoying. But I go hit an etailer, and I'm good to go.)

A note on sharpening: I tried sharpening one of mine with Sephora's sharpener, and had less than lovely results. I also tried sharpening it with an art-crayon sharpener - for those kids' oversized crayons - and also had unsatisfactory results. From my admittedly brief explorations, it seems that people have the best results sharpening these with NYX's own sharpener. Which is $4...but it actually works. So yay for that.

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