Shiro Cosmetics’ Cozy and Bright collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Shiro Cosmetics
  • Availability: beginning November 2017 from the webstore
  • Contains: 8 eye/face colors and 1 lip color
  • Cost/Amount: USD$8.00 for 4 grams , $6.50 for 2 grams, $1.00 for a sample baggie, $9.00 for the lip gloss. Full collection - minus the lip gloss - for $7.20 (samples, while available) $27.00 (half size jars) $46.80 (5-gram jars) or $57.60 ("blush"/10-gram jars).
  • Would you purchase again: the sample set, yes
Shiro Cosmetics’ Cozy and Bright collection

These were formulated as eyeshadows, but they also work as highlighters. The palette is almost a range of neutrals…but not quite. There’s a mix of finishes. When I swatched them, I found that most were opaque enough for eyeshadows, though two of them - The Snow Can’t Find Me Here and Gloves but Every Finger a Mitten - are more glittery and a little less solid.

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Shiro Cosmetics’ Cozy and Bright collection

Like Meow's Stripped colors, the base shades are very softened without being sheer. They can be blended down to ultra-sheer, or applied very lightly and so work as highlighters. I'm hoping to snag all but three of the colors (all but four, if you count the lipgloss. I am just not a lipgloss fan.) This collection is seasonal, and should be around until spring...or, as the vendor puts it on the collection page, "This collection will be available until it gets warm enough here in the Pacific Northwest that I no longer have need of a bear-sized fireplace and an actual blanket for a scarf (probably sometime in like, April)."

This collection contains:

  • Every Blanket in the House
  • Fleece-Lined Pillow Fort
  • Gloves, but Each Finger is a Mitten
  • I Am a Four-Limbed Cat Tree
  • Mulled Wine in the Bathtub
  • One-Way Ticket to Cozytown (lipgloss)
  • Sweater with Knee-Length Sleeves
  • The Snow Can't Find Me Here
  • Two Hands means Two Mugs of Cocoa

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