Sleek Makeup’s Curaçao i-Divine Palette

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  • Manufacturer: Sleek Makeup
  • Availability: beginning summer 2011 (part of the Caribbean collection) through the webstore, UK midrange and stores (Superdrug et al)
  • Contains: 12 eye colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$10.00
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Sleek Makeup’s Curaçao i-Divine Palette

Sirvinya brought this and two other palettes over for me when she came to Atlanta. (We each took quite a load of makeup ‘from our native country’ to the other! Didn’t put much of a dent in our makeup shopping, though!) I had wanted the Curaçao and Mediterranean palettes as soon as they started showing up on blogs, back in April or May. Both palettes are limited edition, and both are available through Sleek’s webstore (or at various drugstores in the UK.)

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Sleek Makeup’s Curaçao i-Divine Palette Kit: Sleek i-Divine Curaçao palette Kit: Sleek i-Divine Curaçao palette Kit: Sleek i-Divine Curaçao palette

The colors in this palette are:

Upper row

  • Tequila Sunrise — medium tangerine shimmer
  • Martini — beige-white shimmer
  • Blue Hawaiian — medium turquoise matte
  • Bloody Mary — bright red matte
  • Screwdriver — yolk-yellow matte
  • Green Iguana — blue-green shimmer

Lower row

  • Apres Midori — emerald-green shimmer
  • Blue Lagoon — medium blue matte
  • Purple Haze — violet matte
  • Green Martini — murky cool green shimmer
  • Singapore Sling — medium-deep cool pink matte
  • Espresso Martini — black matte

I swatched all the colors dry over primer.

Tequila Sunrise is a lovely orange - a medium-deep shade, with a bit of shimmer. It applied very nicely. Martini (2nd in the top row) is kind of weak. It's a shimmer, but it barely shows up when I swatch it, and it swatched unevenly for some reason. It'll make a nice enough highlighter, but I think I'd have to work to get this to be an all-over shade. Unlike some other Sleek mattes, Blue Hawaiian applied evenly and had a decent amount of pigmentation. Bloody Mary reminds me of Evil Shades' Lucia and Concrete Minerals' Harley Girl - but this one's entirely matte. Screwdriver has a good level of pigmentation and applies nice and even, which doesn't reliably happen with Sleek's matte eyeshadows. Green Iguana applied a bit lighter than I thought it would, with more blue undertones (or possibly I accidentally switched the swatches of Apres Midori and Green Iguana?)

Apres Midori looks like it will be a very bright grass-green, but it applies as a medium emerald shimmer. Blue Lagoon is another matte, and for whatever reason the mattes in this palette actually have a fairly good level of pigment in them! Purple Haze is a nice rich violet - possibly even dark enough for use as a brightliner. I think my favorite in this collection might be Green Martini. I may hit pan on that one first!! (There should be some kind of dupe in my huge collection...but I don't know. I really don't know if I've seen too many greens that are deep, slightly muted, metallic-ish finish, and this pigmented.) Espresso Martini is the same matte black that's in most Sleek palettes, and usually called "Noir" (when the colors are named.)

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