Sleek Makeup’s Storm i-Divine Palette

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  • Manufacturer: Sleek Makeup
  • Availability: beginning spring 2010 through webstore/boutiques and channel partners
  • Contains: 12 eye colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$10.00
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Sleek Makeup’s Storm i-Divine Palette

I don’t normally used pressed-palette makeup any more, with a few notable exceptions (I had to cave and get the leaf-motif pressed blush from the Body Shop.) But I’d mentioned to Sirvinya that I wanted to try some of the Sleek pigments, and just before Christmas she sent me a few of those and this Storm palette. This was my first experience with Sleek makeup.

The twelve shadows in this palette don’t have names, unfortunately. But they’re pretty! A mix of cool, deeper shades with a few neutrals.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Sleek Makeup’s Storm i-Divine Palette Kit: Sleek i-Divine Storm palette Kit: Sleek i-Divine Storm palette Kit: Sleek i-Divine Storm palette Kit: Sleek i-Divine Storm palette

I initially had a few qualms about this: one, Sleek makeup contains talc, which I wasn't sure I wanted to use a whole lot of; two, it's pressed makeup, which I don't use much any more; and three...the grids atop the individual colors don't line up. The lines don't all go in the same direction. To someone who repots all of her shadows so that they can all be in the same type / size of jar, yes this is a concern. (You can all go laugh at my neuroses now. Yep, go ahead. They're my neuroses and even I know - intellectually - that it's a pointless concern, and really really really minor when you think of everything else that's going on in the world or even in my life. But...they don't line up!!!) And four, the colors really do apply a whole hell of a lot better when one uses the enclosed sponge applicator. I don't know of a way to clean sponge applicators, and I don't want to start breeding bacteria. Maybe I'll use cotton swabs? I don't know. (The shimmery shadows applied just fine with a brush. The matte shades...were a wee bit iffy.)

I'm eyeing the upcoming Monaco and Curaçao palettes, coming out this summer. They seem to be half shimmers half mattes, and they're brighter colors so hopefully they'll all look good. I'm also eyeing the Original and Chaos palettes, though online reviews seem to say that the Chaos palette is to be skipped and the mattes in the Original palette are just not all that great. *sigh* I'm thinking that for daily wear I'll still lean toward my loose powder shadows, but for travelling, these will be excellent. If you live outside the UK and buy these, you'll have to pay shipping, which costs more than a single palette - so order a couple of items.

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