Sleek Makeup’s Glory i-Divine Palette

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  • Manufacturer: Sleek Makeup
  • Availability: available in summer 2012 (part of the 2012 collection) through webstore, UK midrange and stores (Superdrug et al)
  • Contains: 12 eye colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$10.00
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Sleek Makeup’s Glory i-Divine Palette

This was another gift from Sirvinya, who is pretty much my supplier of All Things Sleek - I asked her to pick me up a palette, both because it was going to have a very short run and because the palette could not be shipped to the US or Canada. When I started seeing photos of this palette, the colors in the lower row caught my eye first: intense primaries almost straight down the line. Northern looked like a color I’d use often. I wasn’t so sure about the other five shades, but could probably use at least half of the remaining five as highlighter shades.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Sleek Makeup’s Glory i-Divine Palette Kit: Sleek's Glory i-Divine palette Kit: Sleek's Glory i-Divine palette Kit: Sleek's Glory i-Divine palette Kit: Sleek's Glory i-Divine palette

Once I got the palette and had a chance to swatch it, my favorites ended up being Northern (the rich-looking navy), Hammersmith and City, and Circle. I do like Circle and Victoria, I just find myself using them less frequently. District is a color I could probably use more, but I'm still in a mental rut when it comes to greens: I'll reach for the jeweltones and muted colors, but don't often reach for the brights, not even if they're cooler bright greens.

This kit contained:

Upper Row

  • Tube — pale gold shimmer
  • Overland — shivery-white shimmer
  • Bakerloo — red-brass shimmer
  • Jubilee — silver-white pearl
  • Platform — cement-grey matte
  • Northern — midnight-blue shimmer

Lower Row

  • District — metallic medium turquoise-green shimmer
  • Hammersmith and City — strawberry pink shimmer
  • Picadilly — metallic violet shimmer
  • Circle — metallic new-minted gold shimmer
  • Victoria — metallic turquoise-blue shimmer
  • Central — bright medium red matte

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