Stila’s Winter Blues kit review

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  • Manufacturer: Stila Cosmetics
  • Availability: through the web store and channel partners
  • Description: 2 eyeliners and one mascara
  • Cost/Amount: USD$40
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Stila’s Winter Blues kit

I already owned Silver Dollar when I first saw this kit; but since companies rarely release silver eyeliner (or it seems that way, at any rate) I was happy to get my hands on another. Plus I’d get Blue Ribbon, which I didn’t own; and a tube of mascara to try out. All of this as part of the Friends and Family sale, so I was saving a bit of money on it.

The eyeliners are both from the same line, and while the silver has a tendency to skip a bit, the blue applies nicely. I like the color: a muted softer blue with grey undertones. The mascara's not all that fantastic. I think the idea was that the blue effects-stuff would mix nicely with the black mascara, and give one a nice black with blue-shimmer effects topcoat. How it actually works is that some lashes get coated in the black, some get smeared with the semitransparent blue stuff, and on a second pass everything just gets smeared unrecognizably. It is not specifically good. The mascara looks pretty in its tube. Just don't try to actually use it, because it's rubbish.

Still…with the F&F discount, I paid $25 for two full-sized retractable eyeliners, both of which I'll actually use. At full price for this, I would not have felt like I got much of a deal: $40 for two items that normally would have cost $40, and a tube of crap mascara thrown in free. And by the time I bought this kit, Koi and Silver Dollar were both in the Last Chance section, and going for $10 apiece. I'm not sorry that I got the kit during the F&F sale, but had I paid full price for this kit, I'd be less than perfectly delighted.

This kit contains:

  • Black Diamond — black mascara with blue shimmer
  • Blue Ribbon — slate-blue eyeliner
  • Silver Dollar — metallic silver eyeliner

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