Makeup Revolution Colour Books: yea or nay?

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Makeup Revolution recently debuted their Colour Books: two palettes’ worth of pressed pigments that cover the shade range from lighter to darker. The price is good at UDS$20.00 per book, and they’re very attractively arranged in the palettes. Each book has a matte and a shimmer version of each color, giving you the variety of finishes in the exact same shade.

Before you hit the keyboard, though…there are a few things to keep in mind.

Makeup Revolution Colour Books: yea or nay?

The first is that “pressed pigments” bit. That means that, despite these looking like the more common eyeshadows-in-pans-and-palettes, they don’t contain binders, so you won’t get longevity without some additional precautions. They also don’t blend as well as proper eyeshadows - you can learn to apply these and work with them to get similar results as you’d get from traditional eyeshadows, but if you don’t keep that in mind, working with these colors could be severely demoralizing if not actually infuriating.

The second…even with pressed pigments, which are essentially unblended colorants, Makeup Revolution’s lighter colors have a history of less (or much less) color payoff. Most of these color books are over half lighter or near-pastel colors, which means there’s a whole lotta not-much in each color book. The pink-and-purple book (CB04) has more lighter colors than dark. So you’ll have lots of colors in a narrow range, probably half of which will have less-than-ideal color payoff and which won’t easily build. Doesn’t sound like such a great deal now, does it?

There are ways to make sure that you get the most out of these, though:

  • Buy only one colour book - and make it one that you have the fewest eyeshadows of already (I can’t think of who would benefit from the white/grey/black book…but there’s got to be someone out there)
  • Even if you don’t normally wear eyeshadow primer, wear it with these. And it should be a proper eye primer, not concealer or a creme shadow
  • Build very slowly, and in small dots of color.
  • Pat and stipple. These ain’t sweepin’ shadows.
  • Add a sealant after you’ve finished application to make sure that they stay in place.

You might also want to think of using a mixing medium - grind a little bit of your chosen shade into an empty paint palette, mix away, and paint it onto your lids. They won’t blend well, but…eyeliners. Eyeliners in a gradient-range.

I did get one of these, but only one. (CB05, the greens and blues. There are more medium and deep shades in this book, compared to the others.) I have worked with loose shadows for a long time, so I’ve learned other application techniques. And I’ve always needed to wear an eye primer if I want my eye makeup to last more than a few hours.

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