Meow Cosmetics’ Asylum collection review with swatches

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  • Manufacturer: Meow Cosmetics
  • Availability: availablethrough the company's webstore every October beginning 2013 (seasonal availability)
  • Description: 12 eyecolors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$8.25 for 1.6 grams; $1 for a sample baggie
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Meow Cosmetics’ Asylum collection

A range of shades…but mostly brighter colors, and all with metallic or near-metallic finishes. This palette made me think of mid-spring or early summer, rather than autumn. I think that has to do with the color luminosity. The colors are attractive, and the overall palette hangs together. The few shades that did attract my attention are similar enough to shades that I already own, for me to be excited about grabbing these colors.

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Meow Cosmetics’ Asylum collection

One color that did surprise me, and that I probably will loop back to buy full-size at some point, was Sedative. It's one of the neutrals in the collection, but it's also one that doesn't immediately think of another color in my collection - and it's an attractive deeper taupe, not quite a full-on brown but almost. There isn't as much ashy undertone as there is with some taupes, so people who have trouble wearing ashy browns but who still want a neutral-brown - neither overtly warm nor too cool - may want to get a sample of this shade.

This collection contained:

  • Basket Case — metallic intense violet shimmer
  • Bats in the Bellfry — metallic blue-black shimmer
  • Electric Shock — metallic bright yellow shimmer
  • Lobotomy — metallic cherry-red shimmer
  • Lunatic — metallic soft medium green shimmer
  • Night Terrors — metallic raspberry-pink shimmer
  • Out To Lunch — metallic rich emerald shimmer
  • Padded Cell — metallic silver-white shimmer
  • Rubber Room — metallic rich sapphire shimmer
  • Sedative — metallic deep taupe-brown shimmer
  • Straight Jacket — metallic pewter-silver shimmer
  • Wack Shack — medium-deep periwinkle shimmer

Basket Case looks similar to either Cornelius or Drunken Relatives - both from Meow collections available in the Xmas Shoppe. Bats in the Bellfry reminds me Coal, another winter-holiday color. Lobotomy looks like a loose-powder version of Sleek's Ariel (from their Lagoon i-Divine palette), which is great news for folks wanting this warmer, clear red in a loose-powder format (or folks who just missed out on getting the Lagoon palette at all.) Wack Shack is similar enough to other purple-blues that I have, that it doesn't look like one I'm going to be adding to my collection.

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