Sleek Makeup’s Curious i-Divine Palette

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  • Manufacturer: Sleek Makeup
  • Availability: available beginning in August 2009 through webstore, UK midrange and stores (Superdrug et al)
  • Contains: 12 eye colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$10.00
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Sleek Makeup’s Curious i-Divine Palette

Buying makeup off of Ebay is not for the faint of heart. There are lots of counterfeit makeup (particuarly for higher-end items like MAC) and there are lots of people selling items that otherwise retail at around $8 or $9…for twice or even three times that amount.

But sometimes…you just have to. Like (for instance) when you Simply Must Have some particular Sleek palettes that have long since been discontinued, and you really really want a new one, not one that someone has used lots and lots and sells for retail price in their blog sale. I love blues and teals, and the overall palette in Curious really appealed to me. (Even though I did end up having to pay three times retail for it. Which, sadly, is what happens when you don’t get a craving for something until it’s been out of stock for nearly five years.)

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Sleek Makeup’s Curious i-Divine Palette Kit: Sleek's Curious i-Divine palette Kit: Sleek's Curious i-Divine palette Kit: Sleek's Curious i-Divine palette Kit: Sleek's Curious i-Divine palette

One big upside of this palette was that it had lots of brighter cool shades, with a few neutrals and one primary-yellow sparkle that managed to look like it fit right in. If you love blues and teals, this was an absolute bonanza. The shades were almost all shimmer finish, meaning really great color payoff. They were all softer and easy to work with, no need to keep fighting to get enough color on my brush - which often happens with Sleek's matte eyeshadows.

This kit was released when Sleek wasn't naming the colors in the palettes, so I just call them Upper One, Upper, Two, and so on. Maybe not the prettiest system there is, but other people who own (or come to own) this palette will be able to easily match up the swatches with their in-palette shades.

This kit contained:

Upper Row

  • Upper One — metallic rich turquoise-blue shimmer
  • Upper Two — primary-yellow sparkle
  • Upper Three — lilac-purple shimmer
  • Upper Four — metallic forest-green shimmer
  • Upper Five — metallic red-brown shimmer
  • Upper Six — medium grey frost

Lower Row

  • Lower One — demin-blue shimmer
  • Lower Two — aqua-green frost
  • Lower Three — teal-green shimmer
  • Lower Four — neutral medium brown shimmer
  • Lower Five — black pearl
  • Lower Six — white frost

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